11 Dec 2012

Christmas Casino themed nail art with Ladbrokes

You guys know I love painting my nails, so when Ladbrokes asked me to have a go at some Christmas Casino themed nail art to help them launch their online Christmas games I was well up for the challenge.  I'm not really a big gambler, but I went to Las Vegas in the summer, and I got quite into playing the slot machine games over there.  It was such a crazy and amazing place, so I took some inspiration from that holiday for these nails.

Ladbrokes sent me some *OPI polishes and *Konad stamping plates to help me with my creative little mission, but unfortunately I couldn't get the Konad stamps to work with these polishes or any of the other polishes in my collection.  I think you're supposed to use a special thicker type of polish for stamping, so I may need to order some of the Konad polishes - either that or I was doing it wrong?  Let me know any Konad tips you have in the comments please!

It was a shame this didn't work for me this time, as the stamp plate I was sent had some great little images for this theme like playing cards, casino chips and the cherry and bar signs that come up on slot machines.  I didn't give up though, I just set to work trying to create the same sort of designs free-hand.  I'm not great at free-hand nail art and I'm a bit of a novice with it.  Please keep that in mind as you scrutinize my attempt!

I painted my nails alternately with *OPI's snow white and Orly's star spangled for a red and white Christmassy base.  On my thumb I did some cherries like the cherry winning symbols you can get on casino slot machine games using *OPI's big apple red and a Nails Inc polish for the green stalks.  I added a bit of a silver glitter from Revlon to make this nail a bit sparkly and Christmassy too.  On my index finger I tried to draw an Ace of Diamonds playing card on top of the red glitter base using a nail art pen.  The middle finger has a Revlon gold glitter which I thought looked a bit like pound coins on top of the white base, and in case that was too subtle, I drew some pound signs on my ring finger!  My little finger is a bit small for anything too detailed, so I just added some festive green glitter.  

So I don't think Wah Nails will be calling me up to offer me a job any time soon, but I enjoyed creating these all the same :)

Will you be doing some Christmas nail art this year?
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  1. These look gorgeous! I wat to try and do some nail art but I always fail! X

    1. Just go for it - if it goes wrong cover it in glitter, that's what I do! :)

  2. They look lovely, I really like the glitter on white too :)
    I know this is probably stupid advice, but have you made sure there is no clear plastic wrapper over the plates? I ordered some that didn't work at all, but it was because I hadn't realized they were covered in plastic :) xx

    1. I'm pretty sure there wasn't, but I'll double check! Thanks hun xx

  3. I like it :) It's good that you like to try out diff. things.

    I don't really know how to decorate my nails. I just paint it and leave it ^^



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