31 Dec 2012

Glitter franken polish swatches from Lush Lacquer

After lusting for ages over all of the amazing glitter franken-polishes on offer in the US, I decided to take the plunge and place a little Lush Lacquer order on Etsy in time for Christmas.  I'm sure you've heard of franken polishes before, but if not it means home-made polishes created by either mixing two different polishes together or adding glitter to a nail polish.  Sadly it's not as easy as adding your own glitter to an old clear polish, I've looked into it and you need a special type of glitter and a special type of polishes, so I gave up on that and decided to just buy some!

I ordered some of the Lush Lacquer Christmas themed polishes as well as some of their regular range in mini 5ml sizes and got 8 polishes for around £30 with the postage.  Kind of pricey for the size, but they're amazing glitters and not like anything you can normally get in the shops.

Aren't they stunners?  Although I cheekily did a swatch of each of these for the blog, I actually gave most of these as Christmas presents to my two besties.  They won't be surprised about the sneaky swatching!  I kept ho ho holidays and mr bubble for me.  

Here's ho ho holidays over a shimmery silver polish - sorry my hands are covered in nail oil here.  I wore mr bubble over a pale blue polish but stupidly forgot to take a snap so I'll have to show you that one another time.  

Are you tempted to try franken polishes?

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  1. the glitters shape very unique <3
    I always love glitter nail polish, but I hate when I must remove it.. It needs more effort to remove the nail polish lol..
    nice review dear ^^


  2. I'm quite tempted by these, they're so different. I've been hmming over them for a while now! You picked some lovley ones :)

  3. They're all so so gorgeous, I'd love to get my hands on some! xo

  4. very beautiful!!! I have never seen this kind of product... Hapyy New year!!!

  5. They are so different! Hadn't heard of them before, the ho, ho, ho looks very festive. I'd definitely use these if I could afford some! lol.

    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year!

  6. i really like those i think they are really pretty i would deffo buy these, my favourite is pink panther



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