18 Dec 2012

Neom Harmonise organic treatment candle review

Christmas is just like one big fuel for my candle fetish fire.  I don't need much of an excuse to add more candles to my collection at the best of times, and at Christmas there are just so many amazing festive smells around.  Lighting them makes the house feel all warm and cosy and I've even got my boyfriend in on the obsession.

Enter the newest addition to my Christmas candle line up - Neom's Harmonise organic treatment candle.  It's a beauty.

*Harmonise large home candle | £39.50 | Neom

These candles are packaged in a lovely sturdy box that both protects the candle inside and looks really lovely to give as a gift.  The scent is so strong that you can smell it well before you open the box to look inside.  When I received this one it was in its box, inside another box and then in a plastic mailing sack, and I could still smell the fragrance before I opened the package!  

Harmonise is a beautiful Wintry scent designed to revive you as it burns.  The fragrance is pine, ceaderwood and eucalyptus and it makes my living room smell like a wonderful woodland.  Simply gorgeous.  

I took a few extra snaps to show you how the Neom three wick candle burns.

Although they're a little more expensive than most candles I've tried, Neom candles are made with pure vegetable wax and essential oils which means they burn completely cleanly, so no black soot marks on the glass or on your walls.  As much as I love my other candles with their fun fragrances, none of them burn as cleanly or smell as strong as a Neom candle, and I can't wait to try some other scents.  So far I've tried this one and the Real Luxury candle, which I reviewed here.

Have you tried Neom candles?  Which scents do you recommend?
*PR sample
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  1. oo I have never heard of the Neom Candles before, Ill have to try one out ^_^


  2. ohh i always get so jealous when i see these on blogs!! looks lovely!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog


  3. love neom candles! I've only ever bought the travel versions, but would love to buy the 3 wicked one as a special treat someday. :)

  4. Neom candles always look so good!


  5. Know all about neom harmonise organic treatment candle with help from the post here. Useful post


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