24 Dec 2012

Pre-Christmas Little Updates

Happy Christmas eve!  Before all the turkey eating and what-not tomorrow I thought I'd get in a quick little updates with what I've been up to in the run up to Christmas.

I got rather worried when people were on about deleting their Instagram accounts this week - what would I do every morning when avoiding getting up if my Instagram feed was empty?!  I really doubt Instagram could have made any money from my photos, so I wasn't bothered - I'm not a Kardashian or anything - but lots of people seemed to be planning to leave the app.  They've updated the terms now and we're all friends again, thank goodness.  My life would be even duller without seeing what everyone else is having for dinner / the cute things people's pets do / endless pictures of toes peeping out the bath... :)

Let's start with the best bit, the food!


Krispy Kreme tree | Christmas tree cupcake I made 
Nutella hot chocs | Awesome breakfast - piggies in blankies!


Byron triple cheesemas | Starbucks time
Santa cupcake I made | A better attempt at Christmas trees 
Hazelnut Baileys | More cakes 


My fave onesie | Blinging it up with these lashes 
My brother was at Disney Christmas.  Jel.  | Loved this in Urban Outfitters


Tried at home gel nails | The finished result 
Studded nails | Christmas nails 


The start of the endless gift wrapping | Relaxing with a Neom bath
Christmas candles | Decorating the tree


The Christmas plant! | Wonderful table presents my bestie made 
Early Christmas fun and gift giving | Love this card


So pleased with how this baking gift I put together for my brother's girlfriend turned out


Urban Decay haul | Origins baubles 
Amazing glitters frankens | Swatching glitters

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow, I'm taking a day off from blogging and on Boxing Day I'm hitting up the sales.  See you on the other side!

Happy Christmas xxx

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  1. Your instagram photos are always so amazing, those cakes look so good too! XO


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