22 Dec 2012

Santa hat cupcakes and another attempt at Christmas trees!

I've really been getting my festive bake on!  Last week I showed you my Christmas tree cupcakes recipe.  I decided to have another try and make them a little more tree-like, and I had a bash at some Santa themed cakes too.

I followed the same recipe as in this post, so have a look there if you want to know how to make these.  The Santas are chocolate cupcakes, so you just leave out the vanilla and replace 30g of the flour with cocoa powder.  Also, I used Cadbury's snow bites for the bobble on the Santa hats.  

I'm really pleased with my Christmas trees - there's no mistaking what they are this time.  The Santa cupcakes aren't the neatest - I'm still perfecting my icing skills - but they were fun to make and very tasty.

What's your favourite thing to bake or make to get you feeling Christmassy?

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  1. Oh my yum yum :)


  2. These look amazing! You've done a great job :)
    Merry Christmas Hun


  3. Making me hungry!! I must give these a go!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie.com xx

  4. These look so good! I may have to give them a go :) xo

  5. These look lovely! Will definately give them a try xx

  6. Ah wow! These are so cute and festive - will have to give these a go! :)

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com


  7. Hello have you announced the giveaway winners yet? :)

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  9. Ooh yummy. Shame you can only make these and for it to be acceptable once a year ha ha. Very nice!


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