19 Dec 2012

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette review and swatches

I just couldn't resist the hype when I heard that Urban Decay were bringing out a new Naked palette.  I've had both the original Naked (although I sold it as I didn't use it enough) and Naked 2 (which I still love) palettes, and nude shades are my favourite and what I'm most likely to reach for every day, so it was inevitable that I was going to love Naked Basics.

While I was ordering the new palette I took the chance to pick up a few other Urban Decay bits from my wish list.  I bought a new primer potion - I must be on about my tenth tube of this by now - and I'm finally trying out the De Slick makeup setting spray after thinking about getting it for ages.  I'll do a review on that once I've tried it a few times.

Naked Basics has six shades all designed to be a perfect base for a neutral eye look.

Naked Basics palette | £20 | Debenhams (exclusive)

I'm so pleased that I bought this palette and am already busy trying out different looks with this each day and seeing how it works with my other favourite neutral shadows.  

Foxy, W.O.S (walk of shame) and Naked 2 are the shades that really stand out for me and I know I'll get a tonne of use from them.  Faint looks like a pretty great crease shade too and I'm sure Crave and Venus will double up as a liner and highlight colour.  It's so nice to buy a palette that doesn't have any rubbish shades, it feels like much better value for money if you'll use all of the colours.

Urban Decay shadows are always of excellent quality in my opinion and these measured up to that expectation.  They're all buttery soft and heavily pigmented.

I'm no expert when it comes to eye shadow and smoky eyes - I'm much more of a trial and error girl!  But, if I come up with anything that I think looks passable, I'll take some snaps and share what I've created soon.

Will you be getting the Naked Basics palette?  

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  1. Im seriously tempted by this..I use my naked palette every day and im beginning to hit pan on alot of the shades, so I think this may be a good investment ;) xx

  2. It's matte and I quite like it :)

  3. EEp I really need this! WoS looks so gorgeous!
    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

  4. Thanks so much for the review. I was SO excited when this fist came out and I still do really want it (the UD eyeshadow formula is just amazingly buttery smooth to me), but I have a ton of mattes already, many that are quite similar, and it's kinda tough to justify almost $30 for more!

  5. The Urban Decay Primer set is amazing, I use it all the time. I haven't tried this NAKED basic set but I have the NAKED 2 set which is amazing. This palette has amazing natural colours which is how I like my make up to look. I think I may have to purchase this one :)


    I'm a new blogger and was wondering if you could answer me a question - I'm trying to get my LinkWithin working on my page and having some trouble - did you come across any troubles when you first got it? Also have you any tips for a first blogger? :) Maybe a post about this would be GREAT! Love your blog xo.

    Twitter name: PetiteLikes

    1. I set up linkwithin a long time ago so I can't really remember how it works but I think it takes some time to sort through your posts and start showing up.

      As for the tips posts you wanted, I have a series on that here - http://www.flutterandsparkle.com/search/label/beauty%20blogging%20tips

      I hope that helps :)

  6. This seems like a lovely purchase, I'm always so tempted by Urban Decay to buy all their palettes. Think I like the idea of a small travel size set. Maybe they'll come out with a shimmer palette! A girl can only hope.



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