21 Jan 2013

A little shoes and bags haul

A few purchases arrived through the post last week, so I thought I'd do a little mini haul post to show you what I got.

Patent navy wellies with red bow | £49.95 |  Joules

Designer style smile bag | £17.99 | eBay

Navy and gold studded shopper bag | £24.99  | eBay

Tan flat boots with gold studs | £16.99  | eBay

I love love love the wellies, and I got the just in time for the snow!  I actually bought them from Next but they're sold out there now as they were in the sale.  I took them for a spin on  Saturday with the navy and gold studded bag which I'm also super pleased with.  It looks very dark navy in real life, almost black navy.  The Celine style bag is a little bit of a disappointment as in the photo online it was a really nice grey beige, whereas the one I've been sent is a very yellowy sort of beige.  Still nice I suppose, but not half as nice as it looked in the picture!  Both bags come in loads of other colours too and I thought they were nice and cheap for making a nice update to my wardrobe.  I've not worn the tan boots yet - I've got a few pairs of black ankle boots and just fancied another colour.  I liked the studs on these so I thought I'd give them a go.

Just another note on the wellies - these are nice and wide if you have a chunkier calf.  Probably not so great if you have really skinny legs.  I wanted to buy some Hunter boots but they seemed too skimpy on the calf area.  Hunter have some wider fit ones but they don't seem to look as nice.  Now that I have the Joules ones I much prefer them anyway.  They have an expanding bit at the back which you don't even really see because of the bow.  I'm writing this on Sunday night and there's lots of snow here so I'll be walking to work in these beauties tomorrow morning!

What do you think of my choices?  

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  1. loooovveee the wellies and studded bag! I must get some boots like that too xx


  2. oh my gosh that smile bag, and those wellies :)..its good to know about the wider calfs, ive had a nightmare trying to find a pair of long boots that fit my calfs this year!! xx

    1. It's a nightmare! I think all brands need to start selling their knee-high boots / wellies in skinny, regular and wide calf - we're not all the same ya know! :)

  3. Those wellies are BEAUT!

    Sarah xx

  4. I love the bows on those wellies, makes them so cute!

    Zoe | zozeze.com x

  5. I love those wellies, so cute!



  6. Those wellies are gorgeous!!


  7. I love the wellies, they look like something out of an old movie, very classy.

  8. OMG those wellies are beyond adorable, perfect for all the snow we've been having :)

  9. The boots with a bow are AMAZING! <3

  10. The wellies!!! I can envision myself in Paris wearing these!! Love them <3


  11. Is your smile bag in beige or tan color? i'm planning on purchasing these but idk which color i should choose:)


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