27 Jan 2013

Bumble and bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner and surf spray review

As I've mentioned before, I'm always on a search for the perfect shampoo to keep my roots grease-free and my ends nourished. I have to wash my hair every day and dream of finding a shampoo that can get me an extra day without washing.  Now that I have a fringe, I've decided to quit the search - the fringe would need washing and re-styling every day no matter what shampoo I use, so I decided to shift my focus onto some of my hair's other needs.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that one of my favourite shampoos is the Bumble and bumble Sunday shampoo.  It's a once a week clarifying treatment shampoo and it leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean, fresh and light.  I'd use it every day if I could, but it's only intended to be used once a week.  Also I had to stop using it when I decided to put a bit of colour on my hair as the clarifying nature of the shampoo means it would strip the colour.  So, having loved that shampoo, I thought I'd see what else Bumble and bumble had to offer me.

If you live near a large Boots you may have seen that they now have Bumble and bumble counters and there's always an expert on hand to give advice.  I have straight hair that's fine and can be a bit lank and lifeless and it doesn't really hold a curl, so I asked what would be best for me.  I came away with the thickening shampoo and matching thickening conditioner, plus a bit of an adventurous product (for me anyway) - the Bumble and bumble surf spray.

I was also given two generous sample size products, which you get when you buy three full sized products.  I got the thickening hairspray and straight blow dry cream.  They're such good sizes too rather than little sample sachets - they're only a little bit smaller than the Bumble and bumble minis they sell in Boots.  

I've been trying the shampoo and conditioner for a week now and it seems to be making more of a difference to my hair the more I use it.  The shampoo lathers up nice and easily and the conditioner is quite a thick consistency which makes it easy to work with - if I use a really liquid conditioner I always lose so much of it down the plug hole.  I'm only using the conditioner on my mid-lengths and ends but it hasn't weighed my hair down like I'd feared it might, and my hair is easy to de-tangle too.  This range has got a fresh unisex smell, so it's suitable for anyone, although I definitely won't be letting my boyfriend pinch any of this.  

Yesterday I decided to be brave and try the surf spray for the first time.  The advice I was given was to rough dry my hair using the salt spray and then to use heated rollers and the thickening hair spray.  I only use a few rollers with large sections as I was looking for texture rather than lots of curls and I was quite impressed with how it turned out.  My hair has the un-done slightly messed up sort of look that I can never usually achieve and I really like it.  I think it works because the surf spray adds a a kind of grit to the hair to give it texture and hold, something which my hair never really achieves on its own because I wash it every day.  

What do you think of my efforts to create a messy undone style?  Do you use Bumble and bumble?

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  1. I really want to try the surf spray! your hair looks amazing, really healthy and glossy.

  2. I've never tried the thickening shampoo or conditioner but I absolutely love the thickening spray, definitely something to add to my wish list for when I'm feeling like a splurge!! xx


    1. I'm liking the shampoo and conditioner even more the longer I'm using it - my hair is allowing me to wear a side fring for the first time ever!

  3. I've wanted to try Buble & Bumble but don't think I can justify spending an awful lot for my hair!

    I had the same issue where my roots were greasy and end were malnourished! I have to shampo my hair on a daily basis. What helps is Wella's System Professional in Regulate. xo

    1. Thanks for the tip hun. I'm pretty sure I tried that shampoo a good few years back /- it was definitely a Wella one designed for oily hair. Nothing I've tried has ever properly worked on the oiliness and allowed me to stop washing my hair every day :(

  4. I've been really impressed with the b&b products I have tried
    Charli @ Charli-dot-dot-dot.blogspot.com


    1. It's one of those 'you get what you pay for' situations with this brand I think :)


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