18 Jan 2013

Bupa Helping You Find Healthy

It seems like everyone starts thinking about getting healthier in January.  After all the chocolate and other naughties that I munched my way through over Christmas I feel exactly the same and have really been trying to eat better.  The queue for the office microwave each day tells me I'm not alone - everyone's bringing in homemade soup!  So with that in mind, and because my last post about Bupa's advent calander seemed to go down well, this post is about Bupa's other tools, apps and devices that will help us to 'find healthy'. 

Bupa has some great free tools that let you conveniently keep a check on your own health, and you know you can trust the information you'll get from Bupa.  

There's a Health Age Calculator you can use to check how you measure up for your age - I came out 6 years older than I really am!  The calculator suggested I exercise more and eat more healthily to lower my score.  There's also a tool to help you work out how much is a sensible amount of alcohol you can safely consume - sometimes we all need a reminder about that!  

I'm always thinking that I should do more exercise, but I don't really know where to start and always just put it off, so Bupa's advice on exercise programmes and fitness regimes look really useful to me too.  The new runners app might help me make use of the new trainers I picked up in the sales - I always think running is one of the simplest and cheapest forms of exercise, so it's good to get some tips on how to get going.  

Having a look at all of the Bupa apps has made me realise that I should really stop googling any time I want to know something about my health and just relying on the first result that comes up.  You can't just listen to anyone when it comes to the serious stuff, so in future I'll be checking out Bupa's "A-Z Health Info Directory" tool instead! 

Are you focusing on being more healthy in January?  What changes are you making?
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  1. This is really interesting and actually looks like something worth looking at! xxx

  2. Great post! I am definitely trying to get healthier by watching what I eat and exercising more.

  3. Really interesting post, I'll be checking out my health age now! Brace myself! xx



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