30 Jan 2013

Healthy eating update #2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post about my attempts to eat healthier meals after all of the Christmas indulgences.  I've now been eating better and following my own made up rules (rather than any particular diet) for the past three weeks and I've now lost half a stone!  The last post seemed to get a great response so I thought I'd continue to share what I've been doing.

Although I still don't want to follow any official diet as they never really work for me, I do want to try to ramp up the healthy aspects a notch or two.  I've been considering taking some vitamin and mineral supplements - I used to take vitamin C and echinachea to boost my immune system and keep germs away, so I'm thinking about taking those again and seeing what else I might be deficient in.  I've been making lovely smoothies for breakfast as you'll see below and have been reading up on things I could add to them to make them healthier and even better for me.  I've heard wheatgrass is good to add to juices or smoothies and can aid weight-loss so I thought I might give that a go, not sure how it would impact the taste though.  Another option is taking a probiotic a day to help with digestion and absorbing nutrients, which seems like a simple change I could make.   If you have any tips for me or suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Strawberry, banana and greek yogurt smoothie (just whizz with ice)

Chicken breast sliced into two wrapped in one bacon rasher per half and sprinkled with cheese (less than it looks like!) | roasted mini peppers | green beans

Pub lunch | chicken ceasar salad

Peanut butter banana smoothie | almond milk blended with bananas, peanut butter, ice and honey

Spaghetti bolognaise | lots of onions, mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes in the sauce and a small portion of spaghetti

Stuffed courgette - light Philadelphia with herbs, mozarella and sliced tomatoes | baked sweet potato chunks

Lemon sole in low fat cheese sauce | cabbage, leeks and peas

Steak | green beans | sweet potato 

Eating out at Prezzo - half size chilli prawn linguine with side salad

Grilled burgers | lots of salad | cheeeeese

Baked salmon with lemon | roasted vine tomatoes | steamed broccoli

Red onion and mushroom risotto | asparagus 

Eating out at Zizi - steak and mushroom salad 

As you can see I've been experimenting with smoothies so I've been either having those or fruit for breakfast.  Lunches are still either soup, and innocent veg pot or a Tesco fresh pasta pot - these are all around 350 calories.  I've managed some eating out and haven't repeated too many of the same foods, although I have eaten practically the same salmon dish three times in three weeks, but only because it's my favourite right now.  I've really limited bread, but not cut it out completely or it's all I'll think about!  

I'm really pleased to have lost 7lbs so far as it doesn't really feel like I'm on a diet, just eating healthily, which I should to anyway.  

I hope you liked seeing what I've been eating and please leave me any good healthy eating tips - ideas for other smoothies to try would be great!

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  1. This is not healthy eating?

    1. Really, why do you say that? In my opinion it is for me - you should have seen what I was eating before!

    2. To be honest, I totally agree... That peanut butter has a ridiculous amount of sugar and additives, I would suggest a sugar free organic one. I can't remember the brand I use but you can get it from Tesco, the large size is on special for £2.50. Another thing to note 'Low fat' or 'diet' options have a lot of sugar in it. Sugar is the enemy. as are creamy dressings. I am not trying to be negative only trying to point you to the healthier/cleaner option. Keep up the good work! I dont have an account otherwise I wouldn't write this anonymously!!

  2. I'm so hungry right now so this was totally the wrong post to start reading. Haha! I'm glad to see a diet that doesn't involve barely eating a thing and balances the food groups. :) Desserts and snacks wise I like to have things made with wholemeal flour, sometimes oats and dried fruit. Dried apricots in oat cookies are my fave atm. x

    1. Yep all about the balance. Strict diets just set me up to fail! Thanks for your tips xx

  3. The smoothie and prezzo pasta look amazing!!! xxx


  4. That's a great achievement! I find posts like this really interesting (in other words I like looking at food!)Some lovely looking meals there :)

    Lauren x

    1. Thank you - and me too - I could look at pictures of food all day!

  5. This looks like a really good, GENUINELY healthy and balanced 'diet' or 'way of eating'. Well done! And congratulations on losing 7lbs so far that's brilliant. You don't need to survive off lettuce leaves to lose weight. Healthy carbs, protein and 'good' fats are all you need along with regular exercise. Happy for you :)

    Lucy xxx

  6. Oh wow Gemma this food all looks so delicious! I need to take some tips from this. x

    1. Some days were better than others - 80/20 rule! :)

  7. Omg this has all made me very hungry, looks lush!! Well done on loosing 7lbs :)



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