27 Jan 2013

Inspired by the day of love

I know Valentine's day is all a bit gimmicky and commercial these days, but I really like all of the heart print and heart themed things that are appearing in the shops.  Valentine's or not, I just think they're pretty.

I'm not an anti-valentines person - my boyfriend and I do celebrate the day, but we don't make a massive deal out of it.  I think some men can feel an awful lot of pressure is on them to make some sort of wild romantic gesture on Valentine's day, and there's a real fear of messing it up.  I know my boyfriend can feel a bit like that.  He worries about choosing something I won't like, or not having made enough effort, or giving me flowers that I'll say were outrageously over-priced and a waste of money!  

I know I'm a fussy little thing and make it hard for my boyfriend, and we've been together 10 years.  I can't imagine the stress men in a new relationship might have!  Worrying if flowers and chocolates are too cliche, considering something extravagant like a designer handbag or maybe an iphone 5 from www.phones4u.co.uk/, or even stepping it up to the next level with jewelry gifts for Valentines Day.  Back when I used to work in a chemist there'd always be a late rush on Valentine's day with men dashing in to grab a bottle of perfume as a last ditch attempt to get it right!  Leaving it to the last minute is pretty typical but hey, that's what Parcelforce is there for right? Next day delivery solves everything and can make it seem like he planned the perfect present way in advance!  They've saved me many times - I might even know the delivery guy by name... hi Paul! 

I'm planning to do a post on some Valentine's gift ideas or romantic things to do for all sorts of budgets - not only because I think it might give a few guys out there a helping hand, but mainly because I hope my own boyfriend might read it...

Are you looking forward to Valentine's day or is it something you avoid?

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  1. I love the Heart Mirror and Heart Mulberry Keyring <3.

    Sadie x


  2. I usually avoid Valentines day like a plague! Haha. But I'm no stranger to purchasing anything that's cute and cuddly!

    I'd SO buy the hearts bracelet! xo

  3. I love that dress !
    I believe in the philosophy of if you love someone show them everyday not just valentines
    Me and my boyfriend don't really do present for valentines but we normally go for a meal
    I would hate to feel that pressure to spend a lot of money for this holiday though !
    Launa xx

  4. I need that dress in my life for sure! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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