23 Jan 2013

Neom Real Luxury organic body scrub review

*Real Luxury lavender jasmine & Brazillian rosewood body scrub | £32  | Neom

Neom are probably best known for their gorgeous candles but they also have a huge range of bath and body products.  I've tried some of their bath oils before and love how deeply scented they are.

When I first opened up this scrub I was hit by the beautiful scent.  I could really pick out the lavender and jasmine.  The scrub smells just as strong as the bath oil I've tried in the same fragrance.  I always like to use my scrubs in the shower and this one really fills the shower up with the scent.

I was surprised at how liquid the scrub is too.  Some scrubs I have are really very dry compared to this one, which certainly doesn't skimp on the oils.  This makes the scrub super moisturising and my shower starts to feel a lot more like a luxury treatment as well as a two for one, as it both scrubs and hydrates.  

This is a pricey scrub but I can certainly feel the quality when I'm using it.  It has a proper grainy texture for doing its job but without being at all scratchy like some cheaper scrubs can sometimes be.  My favourite thing about this has to be the fragrance - it lingers on my skin for a good while after the shower and it smells so good I might even have been caught having a little whiff of my arm now and again :) 

Have you tried any Neom bath and body products?
 *PR sample
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  1. I'm yet to try anything from Neom, but everyone raves about the brand! I feel a bit out of the loop! It's always nice to treat yourself to a more 'high end' pamper isnt it!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. like leanne i havent tried anything from neom, but I definitely would love to!! xx


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