16 Jan 2013

Savvy sale shopping / look what I got for £80!

Like most people, I love a bargain, so sales shopping is a bit of a religion.  I can't resist a sale, I'll drag myself out on Boxing Day (excluding this year because I was just too unwell) to grab anything marked down.  Secretly I wish the shops didn't open until the day after Boxing day so that I could spend a second day stuffing my face and watching Christmas films, which is where the genius of online shopping comes in.  I prefer sale shopping online as it's much less stressful and it's easier to quickly see what all of the shops have on offer.  

Sales bring out a bit of madness in me - getting things I wanted before the sale for half the price and basically doubling my money does strange things to my head - so I do have to have a bit of a strategy to avoid coming home with another yellow string vest (true story).  Most Wanted - the magazine from Vouchercodes.co.uk kindly gave me £80 to play with in the sales so that I could share my sales tips with you - like I needed any encouragement to shop eh?  Here's what I got.

My total sale spend was £79.85 (get in!) and at the original prices it would have been £146 so I saved £66.15.  Not bad, not bad at all.  

I waste a lot of money on costume jewellery - it just doesn't last long before it gets all tarnished, so I like to pick a few bits up in the sales when they're much cheaper, so it doesn't really matter if they don't last.  I'm going to paint these with clear nail polish before I wear them to make the last just a little bit longer.  And just so you know, I'm only planning on wearing one at a time, otherwise it might look a bit knuckle-duster-ish.

Sales are also a great time to invest in something which will last, like these leather gloves.  The January sales can be a good time to buy new Winter accessories as there's still a good few months of cold ahead to get lots of wear out of them.  I bought these gloves not only because I love the contrast of such a ladylike and tough look, but also because I'm going to Toronto in February and I know it'll be seriously cold, so these will be perfect.  

*Black and grey patterned jacket 

I always like to pick up blazers in the sale.  They're like my wardrobe staple for smart or casual outfits.  I know I own too many, but I like to have a good amount of choice.  I try not to pick up repeats of things I already own, so I went for this patterned blazer.  It's nice and different, but the black and grey neutral colours mean it'll be easy to coordinate it with things I have already.  There's nothing worse than getting a bargain in the sale to find you have nothing to go with it and then spending more money on things to match.  Unfortunately this one's not on the Next site anymore so it must be sold out.

*Nike air retaliate trainers 

Doing exercise is not on my list of favourite things, so it bugs me to have to spend my money on trainers or tracksuit bottoms, so the sale is the perfect time to stock up.  Stores like Next tend to sell off all of their stock at half price at sale time, and that includes designer and sports brands, so I managed to get myself a good quality pair of Nike trainers for £25.  These are sold out now but you can often find good discounted trainers at Sports Direct and M and M Direct.

I always look out for basics in the sales, like black trousers, black leggings and black heels for work.  I find I can always get these sorts of things in the sales so it's a good way to save money and to make sure your sale bargains are things you'll get a lot of use from.  Trousers don't photograph all that well (especially as I wore them today and got them all creased...) so I thought Dorothy Perkins' pictures would do them more justice.  

Are you sensible in the sales or do you go crazy?  

As I've told you about my most embarrassing sale purchase tell me what you regret buying in the comments - it'll make me feel better! And no, I never wore that yellow string vest.  

I'll be intagramming some of my other sale buys with the hashtag #vcuksales  My username is fluttersparkle so find me to see what else I got, look up the hashtag to see what everyone else has been buying, or post your own sale bargains.
*Paid for by Most Wanted

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  1. I need new trainers and I cant believe you got those Nikes for £25! What a bargain! Love the blazer too!

    Jen xx

    1. I know and they're not 'ugly' trainers either - they're pretty colours!

  2. You picked up some good bargains. I've been on the hunt for some black skinny trousers like those for work! This year I am to put together a capsule 'workwear' wardrobe so theres a bit of a barrier between what I wear socially and what I wear to the office!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. I absolutely love your nail color!!



  4. Your Nails looking so pretty!!loved it@


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