19 Feb 2013

February 2013 glossybox

It's glossybox time, and this month, a Valentine's theme.  This is my favourite box ever in terms of the design of the packaging.  I really like the outside of the box - this is a definite keeper.  It was a nice touch for the shreds and tissue inside the box to have changed this month too, all to varying shades of pink.


The actual content of this month's box didn't disappoint me either.  I think this is a really good mix of products, and all of them are pretty useable.  

In the box I got - Anatomicals 'you need a blooming shower!' rose scented body cleanser, Sassoon professional spray shine, Me Me Me cosmetics fat cat mascara, Micabella cosmetics mineral eye shadow, Miners lip colour and a bonus Glossybox lollipop.  

Some great universal products here - I particularly like the shine spray and the mascara and will always use another shower gel.  The eye shadow and lipstick aren't really shades I would have chosen - the shadow is a bit too much of a warm brown for me and the lipstick is rather frosty, but I'll find a good home for them with a friend.  The lolipop is a nice touch, but my favoutite thing about this box is still the actual box!

Did you get the same things in your glossybox this month?
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  1. I got
    For Her l’Eau and a warming body oil instead of the anatomicals and the shine spray. Their 'okay' but I'd prefer your box xx

  2. This looks like a great bunch of products!

  3. The box is really pretty! I doubt I'd use any of those products though, so I'm still glad I cancelled my subscription :/

    Have you tried Lux Box yet? I've had a couple of boxes from them and they've been much better than Glossybox so far! I've done a couple of reviews on my blog if you fancy checking them out :)

    C x
    Lux Life Blog


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