3 Feb 2013

Little updates and adventures on Vine!

I'm off to Canada on Tuesday, so my next little updates should be a little different, but for now, here's what I've been getting up to at home.


1 - gorgeous new Illamasaqua speckle polishes (blog post here)
2 - Essie turquoise and caicos with a holo stripe
3 - Playing with nail wraps
4 - Nail Inc's new 'feather' effect polishes (blog post here)


1 - pretty pretty wellies (blog post here)
2 - Look beauty haul (blog post here)
3 - My new fave bag - navy studded bucket bag (blog post here)
4 - Muji drawers filled with goodies for my bestie's birthday


1 - trying out a more textured look with Bumble and Bumble (blog post here)
2 - makeup I'm using right now
3 - swatching new eye products from Clinique
4 - fighting off dry patches with this overnight mask from Origins


1 - My gorgeous new Ted Baker makeup bag
2 - My hair has grown enough for a proper side fringe
3 - Part of a recent jewellery haul - this one is from New Look
4 - prettying up my iphone with the Cocoppa app


1 - yummy dinner at Prezzo
2 - The amazing Mad Hatter afternoon tea (blog post here)
3 - one of my new 'healthy' dinners (see more of what I've eaten here)
4 - along the healthy theme - almond milk smoothie

I joined Vine last week so as well as my instagram addiction I'm now really getting into playing around with these little six second videos.  Here's a few of my better attempts! (If it's a black screen click to view then click to play)  If you want to find me on the Vine app search for Gem fluttersparkle.

This morning's skin prep products #bbloggers #beauty #vine vine.co/v/b16UDJ1KzDh

What do you think of Vine?  For a youtube-phobe like me it's a great way to share things without any scary talking on camera!  

As I mentioned, next week I'll be in Canada and hopefully I'll be able to keep you updated on my adventures on twitter, instagram and now Vine too!  I'm getting to fly first class which is incredibly exciting for me as I've never flown anything other than economy before.  I'm worried the cabin crew will think I've wandered into first by mistake and will try to show me back to economy, ha! 

Although I'm travelling for work I'm looking forward to shopping in duty free and in the Canadian drugstores as well as seeing Niagra Falls and hopefully a little of Toronto :)

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  1. Ahh, the pictures of your nails at the top look gorgeous! I think vine looks great!

  2. Love the nails!! Hope you have a good time in Canada and keep us updated please! :)

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

    1. Of course! I'll be instagraming like mad no doubt!

  3. i'm loving Vine at the moment too!

    1. What's your username? Or comment on one of my videos so I can find you :)

  4. Love all the nail polishes!


  5. aha vine looks quite fun!! your nail polish & storage looks awesome xx

    1. I love Vine - I need more people to follow so I can watch more videos! And thanks :)

  6. Love the look of the speckle polishes! So cute :)



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