22 Feb 2013

McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits

As I've mentioned in some of my other posts, I've been making an effort to eat more healthily, but I still can't kick the habit of skipping breakfast.  I just hate getting up in the morning, so I'll always choose extra time in bed ahead of sitting down with a bowl of cereal.  To be honest I'm not even really a fan of cereal!

If I'm going to eat breakfast it has to be quick and it has to be portable, so these new breakfast biscuits from McVitie's have a good chance of making their way into my workday routine.  

McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits

McVitie's Breakfast Biscuits are made with wholegrain porridge oats, which are known to have slow release energy (the type that keeps us feeling fuller for longer), and they're fortified with vitamins D, B, Iron and fibre.  It sounds to me as though they're the equivalent of eating a bowl of cereal or porridge without any of the hassle or faffling around.  It takes me ten seconds to grab a pack of these on the way to work, and I then know I have a breakfast option in my bag ready for me whenever or wherever I get the chance to eat it.  Can you eat a bowl of porridge while dashing down the road or cramming on the tube?  I think not!  

I tried these biscuits in the Red Berries flavour.  They taste sort of like digestive biscuits, but more oaty.  I thought they might actually taste of porridge, but in my opinion they don't, they taste like biscuits.  I liked the red berry taste that would hit now and again with each mouthful and I find these went rather well dunked into a big cup of builders' tea.  

The biscuits come in two other tasty sounding flavours - Oat & Honey and Apple and Sultana & Cinnamon.  They're all the sort of flavours I would like, which is good, as I would get bored of eating the same flavour every day eventually!  

You get 4 biscuits in each pack - so that's your portion size sorted - and you get 6 packs in each box, so they'll last the full working week.  

If you fancy trying these out most of the supermarkets currently have them on offer with £1 off.  The biscuits also have their very own facebook page - www.facebook.com/McVitiesBreakfast - which offers some amusing little words of wisdom on conquering our morning battles.

What do you eat for breakfast?  Would you give these a go?

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  1. I am the worst for breakfast I eat kids cereal. Coco pops and Frosted Shreddies are a firm favourite! I recently tried the Weetabix version of these and really enjoyed them. The only thing which worried me is that they contain the same amount of sugar as rich tea biscuits, but much less than my normal breakfast! I like to put them in my handbag as a snack :)

  2. Four biscuits seems a bit much for me, I have tried the Belvita breakfast bars with the yoghurt though, and they were delicious! Xo

  3. These sound yummy! I used to eat the Belvita biscuits on my way to uni, but think I'll buy the McVities red berries one next x


  4. Just ordered these on my food shop - they sound yummy!


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