26 Feb 2013

Neom Luxury Organics Contentment home candle

When I blog about a new home candle I always end up taking so many photos.  I don't put them all in the post of course - you'd think I was mad and if I did - but I like to take them because the beauty of a flickering candle fascinates me.  I don't think I'm at pyromaniac level just yet, so don't worry, but I do love to watch a dancing flame.  Something about that really helps me unwind.  Combine that with a beautiful, warming, homely fragrance and I'm all set for a relaxing evening.

Now let me introduce you to Neom's latest home candle fragrance - Contentment.

If you've read any of my past Neom reviews you'll already have seen me talk about how these are the cleanest burning candles I've tried and that they're made only with pure vegetable wax and essential oils.  

The *Contentment candle is a new fragrance in the Neom range with Buchu, Nutmeg and Ginger.  Wondering what Buchu is?  So was I!  It's a South African plant that has a similar fragrance to blackcurrant.  Why not just use blackcurrant?  Because apparantly you can't and any blackcurrant scented things would usually have that fragrance created synthetically and as that's not what Neom are about, they found the closest natural plant oils they could.  

Despite Neom's best efforts with the Buchu plant I have to say I can't smell blackcurrant specifically when I take a sniff. I get a really deep woodland type smell, which is a combination of all of the notes as I can't pick any of them out specifically, but there's an edge of fruitiness which I think must be the Buchu.  It's a lovely fragrance for this time of year when you still want something warming and comforting but are a bit over all of those Christmas scents.  

The Contentment fragrance comes in the large home size which is the one I have, travel size and also as a redd diffuser and you can get them from neomorganics.com

Which candle fragrances are you burning at this time of year?
*PR sample
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  1. Neom candles look amazingg:) x

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    1. You need to smell them, they have the strongest scents ever!

  2. I've been wanting to try a Neom candle for ages, but I just can't bring myself to fork out forty quid or so for one - it seems like so much for a candle :( This one sounds like such a nice fragrance for winding down in the evenings though, and I bet they do last for ages.
    Mel x


    1. I know! It can be hard to part with your cash when you're not sure you'll like it. I bought my first Neom candle in a set from QVC - it was a travel sized candle and a set of bath oils. It was a great way to try the brand without spending lots of money on one candle I wasn't sure I would like xx


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