1 Feb 2013

New to my skincare routine

Being a blogger has changed my life in various little ways here and there, but the biggest impact of all has been on how I look after my skin. Wind back a few years and I was hardly using any skin care products at all, and none of them were really the right ones. I'd not figured out my skin type properly and for some silly reason I seemed to think this was an area it's okay to scrimp on! Well not anymore thank goodness.

I'm so much more conscious now of how my skin behaves, how it looks, and what I can do to combat any skin issues. I've really noticed how much my skin has changed just this Winter - being a traditional oily / combination girl I literally couldn't believe I was starting to get dry patches. My skin has developed a split personality! I think it's all the harsh weather and central heating - right now I'd probably say my skin is oily AND dehydrated. A tough nut to crack.

In this post I want to share some of the latest additions to my skin care collection and how they've been working out for me.

*Dermalogica daily microfoliant | £39.50 | Liberty

Leading with a negative for some reason, although it's sort of a positive too - the only thing I don't like about this product is the smell! It smells sort of like a not so nice soap and also has a little bit of a stale smell all at the same time. It smells similar to one of the Clarisonic cleansers I tried before. But, as I like what the product does to my skin, I just breath through my mouth when I use it!

As the name suggests, this is an exfoliator you can use every day. I probably only use it a few times per week and that seems to be about right for me. If you've never tried this you might be surprised to know that it comes in a powder formulation that you mix with water in your hands to form a runny paste.

This product feels totally gentle on my skin - it's not a harsh scratchy scrub at all. At first I wondered if it was too gentle and whether it would do any exfoliating at all, but the smoothness I can feel after using this tells me that it has.

Dermalogica to me is a brand I feel I can trust for excellent quality skin care, so although the price of this is at he higher end it does seen justified, plus you get a whole lot of product so it seems it'll last a good 3 months or more at the rate I'm using it.

*REN glycolactic radience renewal mask | £30 | Marks and Spencer

I'm really into glycolic products since trying two last year - one of them was another from REN which I wrote about here.

I think one of the main reasons I like glycolics is that I really understand what they're doing on my skin. I'm not sure I'm going to make sense here but it's the science bit that's doing it for me. I like knowing that there are several types of acid in the product and that they replicate an exfoliation (and more) without any scrubbing and are working to resurface the skin - I dunno, this just fascinates me!

My skin isn't overly sensitive so I've never had a problem using this or any other glycolic products apart from one time when I stupidly used a traditional exfoliator and then a glycolic serum. Ouch. Not sure what I was trying to achieve there - some hardcore exfoliation I guess.

When used with a little more common sense I love the effects. The mask delivers additional results to the liquid glycolic products I've tried and it really does give an immediate radiant effect. The other effects are seen with continued use and as with REN's resurfacing concentrate which I tried last year, the main result I see is an improvement in the texture of my skin - becoming smoother and more even - and that's a big deal.

The mask is a gel paste consistency and it's about the colour of honey. It's got a really potent, fresh, fruity smell and the more I sniff it the more it reminds me of an 'alcopop' from my teenage years. Not sure what that says about me!

*5% Shea butter Fabulous Serum | £30 | L'Occitane

This serum with 5% Shea butter has been just the thing to ramp up my moisturising routine in response to the cold weather induced dry patches making my face their home. It's the first moisturising serum I've tried and because it's designed to be worn under moisturiser it's like I'm double treating my skin.

Because of my oily patches I use this all over at night but only on the dry areas in the morning. The particularly dry areas I have at the moment are around my nose and down to my lips. It's really frustrating as it means my makeup applies patchy or clingy and I feel really self-conscious about it. When the dry patches were at their worst one day and my makeup was looking horrendous I started again and for the dry areas I mixed this serum with my foundation and it solved the problem.

Life would be a lot simpler if my skin was the same all over - dealing with dryness is completely new to me so that's made things a little more tricky too. Having this serum on hand to combat the dry patches has been great though and a night it's great for hydrating my whole face.

*Vichy Normaderm Micellar water | £10.50 | Boots

Hold tight for a product rave! Call me late to the party but hello micellar cleansing waters! I mentioned in a previous post that I really wanted to kick the habit of lazy face wipe usage and I was thinking it was time to follow the herd and try the Bioderma micelle solution. Just after this I was offered the chance to try some Vichy products based on my skin type, and one of the things they picked out for me was this.

I can't believe how much I enjoy using this product. It's so gentle but effective at the same time. It removes my eye makeup easily and I can get it in my eyes with no stinging. I either use it to remove makeup before using a cleanser or if I'm wanting to just fall into bed I use it twice to be sure my skin's lovely and clean and ready for nighttime moisturiser.

I've just started trying a waterproof eyeliner (I never bother with waterproof mascara) and this cuts through that too with just a little extra effort.

I might still try Bioderma at some point (I might see it when I'm in Canada) but I can say with 100% certainty that I will be buying a back up of Vichy's micellar cleansing water asap.

The next additions to my skin care collection will probably be Indeed Labs' Hydraluron and La Roche-Posays' Effaclar Duo as I've heard and read such good things about them both. Jayne from Jayne's Kitschen
has told me how good Hydraluron is several times, so my expectations for this one are sky high!

What's your favourite skin care product?
*PR samples

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  1. From your description we seem to have similar skin types so this post was really useful for me. :) I love that REN mask as well as the ClearCalm3 clay one. I've just started adding Hydraluron to my routine and it's definitely something worth the hype. :) x

  2. I really want to try the Ren Mask!


  3. I didn't know there was a micellar water from the Normaderm line! I'll try it!


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