6 Feb 2013

Nouveau semi-permanent lashes before and after review

Late last year I decided to get semi-permanent lashes for going on holiday.  I didn't feel like blogging about this straight away as I didn't have a great experience :( But, I knew it was something I wanted to write about eventually as for me these were a total waste of time, money and tears! 

First of all, here are my before and after results.  This is what the lashes looked like the day after they were applied.  Pretty amazing I thought, and I was really happy with them.  In the 'before' shot I was wearing mascara and in the 'after' I'm just wearing the lashes.  

The brand of lashes I had applied was Nouveau Lashes and I had them done by an independent beautician who was trained in those specific lashes and also in HD Brows - I found her through the official HD Brows website.  The lashes cost £60 and HD brows was £25 but as I had them both done at the same time I got a special offer and paid £70 for both treatments.  This review is just going to be about the lashes - I don't have tonnes to say about the HD brows treatment and these photos aren't really close up enough on the brows for you to see much difference.  My brows were waxed, plucked, threaded and tinted - I liked the effect and would probably have them done again, although the real difference in the look is when they fill the brows in with powder, which of course only lasts until you wash!  

So back to the lashes.  I had them applied on a Thursday evening and went on holiday on Sunday morning.  I'd been given instructions to follow about how to care for the lashes, such as not using oil based makeup removers and not rubbing the eyes etc.  As I didn't need to wear mascara with these lovely long dark lashes, none of that was an issue.  

When I was on the plane on Sunday my eyes started to feel irritated.  The lashes nearest the corners of my eyes felt a little like they were poking my lid and my first lash fell out.  I hoped for the best and thought I just needed to get used to the lashes and also that it was normal for a lash to fall out as we naturally lose lashes all the time.  Sadly I was being too optimistic.  

Once on holiday lashes were falling out all the time and within a couple of days they started to look a bit sparse and rubbish and I had some gaps.  I was pretty gutted - I hadn't even taken any mascara away with me!  Luckily I wasn't on holiday someone remote where this couldn't be fixed - I was in Las Vegas so I went out and bought some mascara and some Ardell individual false lash clusters - these.  I filled in the gaps with the Ardell lashes and soldiered on.  

As more of the Nouveau lashes fell out I realised they were either taking my own lashes with them completely or causing breakage.  Without my emergency Ardell diy job I had a mixture of bald patches and little stumpy lashes.  This is when the tears came, which really didn't help the situation!

Once I got over it and told myself the lashes would grow back I just kept using the Ardell lashes for the rest of the holiday.  They didn't look as good as the Nouveau lashes had when they were first applied, but they did a good job and I was quite impressed that I was able to do a fair job of getting them on straight as individual lashes are pretty fiddly.  

As you can imagine I was totally gutted and annoyed that I had wasted my money on semi-permanent lashes which really only lasted me a few days before they started to fall out and to ruin my own lashes.  Before I had the treatment I chatted through with my therapist about how long they would last, how to care for them, how likely it would be I'd have a problem etc - she said all the right things and reassured me so I went ahead.  I'd read some poor reviews online so I went in with a lot of questions for her, but she seemed like she knew what she was doing and said that people who have trouble with the lashes usually have not had them applied professionally / correctly.  Hmmm.  She did glue a bit of my top lid to my bottom lid at one point during the treatment, which was a slightly scary experience - I had to pull them apart for her - but other than that it did all seem perfect until day 3 / 4 when lashes started to come out.  

I emailed my beauty therapist while I was away to tell her what was happening - she was apologetic and offered for me to go back in and to have the missing lashes reapplied, but of course I was away on holiday by this time.  She couldn't work out why I was having such a bad experience with the lashes, so I'll never know really.  

I'm not sure if I'll ever try semi-permanent lashes again.  Possibly I will if it's for an immediate event, as I know the lashes stay perfect for at least a couple of days, and if I was staying close by so I could go back for touch ups and advice if there was a problem.  My own lashes have now gone back to normal, but it took a good few months.

Have you had an experience with semi-permanent lashes?  

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  1. That's a shame because they looked lovely! I've never tried semi-permanent lashes but definitely won't after reading this!

    Nicola xo - Babbles about Beauty blog

  2. I also got semi permanent lashes done, and a similar thing happened to me. They started falling out WAY quicker than I was told they would, and they were also damaging my natural lashes. Sounds like not nearly as badly as yours though, but I did have big gaps. I was absolutely devastated and couldn't stand the sight of myself until they grew back!

    Also I was told to remove them myself with olive oil, and they would come off easily with a bit of rubbing, but all that happened was my natural lashes fell out and the false ones wouldn't budge!

  3. My workmate used to have these kind of lashes, but they lasted several weeks on her, but I am afraid to put some, because I've heard that it does ruin lashes even if they're wearing good.

  4. They look absolutely stunning, what a shame they lasted so little time. I'm not sure I'd be tempted to risk it again if your natural lashes came out too if I'm honest! xx


  5. Boo! I *always* discourage people from getting these, I've never had anyone tell me they worked for them and everytime I've done someone's makeup who has had them, it's been an absolute nightmare to do, the lashes have been falling out all over the place :/

  6. They looked beautiful, such a shame! I find that they're Real by Benefit does the job for my ridiculously short lashes aha!

    Stephanie xox

  7. This is gorgeous! A great idea as well



  8. i love the look of semi-permanent lashes, i used to wear them constantly but stopped as i definitely feel they ruin your own! However there is a special remover you can buy in Sallys that dissolves the glue and removes them without pulling your own out too. It is super painful and stingy for a few minutes but it goes away. This is great for the remaining ones but doesnt help with your own lashes that are pulled out when the false ones fall out :(

  9. I've just had my Nouveau lashes done, I've had them on and off for years as my own lashes are ridiculously short and they seem to work well for me.

  10. Such a shame because they look great!:) x


  11. I've had semi-permanent lashes. I had a good experience with mine. Lasted about 3-3.5 weeks. However, there was one instance where my eyes were slightly irritated towards the outside corner of my eye so much I pulled the lashes out. Luckily for me, the owner of the salon reapplied them and used a different adhesive (which didn't irritate my eyes).
    I think finding a reputable person is the hard part.

  12. I had my Couture lashes done last week and I was told they would last for about 2 weeks. They looked amazing and natural, but they started dropping out immediately and now I have about only 25% left! It was a Groupon deal so was only £20 but I wont be getting them again! xx

  13. I've always liked the idea of eyelash extensions like this, however because my natural eyelashes are quite good, I wouldnt want to run the risk of ruining what I already have!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  14. I always thing these look gorgeous, and the after pictures look amazing, but these just seem like too much hassle for a few days of lovely lashes xx

  15. I've got the same ones on now well what's left of them!!! I've had the exact same problem as you but kept going back every few weeks to pay more money to have in fills since November they have costed me in total £225 as at one point I had to pay for another full set at £70 so that's £140 just for a few weeks really & then in fills at extra cost. I have tiny lashes anyhow & what I didn't know until they were stuck on me is that the less real lashes you have the less fake lashes you can actually have as there's no lashes to stick them too! I wouldn't recommend them. I now left with only a couple real lashes & will be hoping they grow back quick but I doubt it!


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