28 Feb 2013

Organic Surge million dollar brown sugar body polish

After being impressed by the Organic Surge million dollar anywhere balm which I posted about here, I was keen to try some other Organic Surge products.  This is the *Million Dollar brown sugar body polish, which comes in such a lovely tub I immediately started thinking what a nice gift it would be for somebody.  I can imagine tying a pretty ribbon around it, or maybe a rafia bow for a nice rustic, homemade feel.  But anyway, this tub is not for giving, this one's all for me :)

This is a heavy duty body polish.  If you're scared about the scaly condition your skin might be in once you finally part with your winter woolies, this is for you.  Sometimes you want a gentle scrub, like for the face, or for daily use, but there are occasions that call for some hardcore scrubbing, and this is the body polish for the job.  
The scrub crystals have the size and texture of proper sugar.  The liquid part of the scrub is runnier than most I've tried, but I found you just need to give it a bit of a stir as some of the scrubby bits sink down and the liquid rises to the top.  

My skin feels like new after using this body polish - quite literally, as it leaves no scale unscrubbed.  But my skin isn't left ravaged as the scrub leaves behind an incredibly comforting and nourishing balmy feeling from all of the natural oils that are packed into the jar. 

For me this is the pre-holiday scrub for getting your skin ready to be on display and for picking up a nice even tan on the beach.  I think I have holidays on the brain right now - I was introduced to www.mycurvesandme.com today and am focusing on some of the bikinis inspiration for shaping up for summer.  I really need to get back on it with the healthy eating!

*PR sample
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  1. ooo this looks and sounds so lovely!
    I am a little obsessed with body scrubs!
    hareem x

    1. Me too - my skin has never been so soft ha!

  2. This looks so nice, so expensive for a brown sugar scrub though!

    1. I've never tried making my own, I'm too lazy!

  3. Replies
    1. It's lovely. I'm just checking out your blog - I love having a nosey at what everyone else buys in their Primark hauls :)


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