16 Feb 2013

Rio roller waxer kit review

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I enjoy waxing my legs.  I know that's weird, but I really find it satisfying to rip off the strip and examine what I caught, so waxing is always my favourite hair removal method.  The more you wax your legs the less it hurts, and these days it really doesn't hurt me at all - you can feel the tug of the strip of course, but it's not painful.

So considering my slightly sadistic love for waxing, I'm always the first to volunteer to try any new gear for the job.  This time it's the *Rio Roller Waxer which is a complete kit for warm waxing at home.

The idea with this wax kit is that you have all you need in one box to get going, and for those afraid of burning themselves with warm / hot wax, there's no danger as the kit comes with a wax warming machine which heats the wax to its optimum and totally safe temperature.  I should really get one of these for my Mum as she is a fan of microwavable wax and she always gets the temperature wrong and once burned her legs quite badly causing her skin to blister!  She clearly has a high pain threshold as any sane person wouldn't have continued to apply bubbling hot wax on their legs.  She should probably expect to be receiving one of these kits for Mother's Day, for her own safety.  

The kit comes with three cartridges of wax and is simple to use.  You just pop a cartridge into the machine, plug it in and wait for it to heat up.  This took a bit longer than I was expecting - about 30 - 40 minutes, so it's a good idea to plug it in in advance of when you're ready to start your waxing.  I'd recommend replacing the machine back into the charger as you're doing each wax strip as otherwise the wax can start to cool down and isn't as easy to roll on.  

The larger headed cartridges give a wide application of wax so are best for larger areas like the legs.  The smaller one is (you guess it) suited to smaller areas on the body like the bikini line.  So far I've just tried the larger one for waxing my legs.  The wax and the strips worked fine for me although if you're a beginner at waxing hair removal you might need to take a little extra care and patience as this is a particularly sticky wax, so you need to be quite quick with the strips to whip it all off.  

The one thing I think this kit is missing is clean up wipes or solution for any extra wax you have left over on your skin.  It does come with a bottle of liquid for cleaning the wax roller after use, but I'm assuming that's not for using on skin.  It's not too much of an issue though, as a little baby oil easily sorted out any left over sticky residue on my legs.  

You can buy the Rio Roller Wax kit here for £39.99 and they also sell individually the refills for the wax and strips.  

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  1. Nice review, I have never heard of this product before.


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