16 Feb 2013

Super Facialist Tea Flower deep clean clay mask review

I'm so into my face masks these days.  Only a year or two ago I hardly ever used a mask more than once every six months or so.  I think I just didn't really 'get' them.  Now that my skin's a more complicated little madam, I use different types of masks to treat the different concerns I have.  One of those issues is oily skin and enlarged pores, so I like to use a purifying sort of mask to tackle this and balance my skin.

Recently the purifying mask I've been trying out is the *Superfacialist deep clean pore purifying clay mask.  I was really keen to try this as I absolutely love the Superfacialist cleansing oil.

The mask applies like a thick cream and is a pale grey colour.  It also smells really fresh and clean.  The fragrance is one that I feel like I've certainly smelled before with another product, but I can't figure it out.  I'm not aware that I've used a 'tea flower' product before, but perhaps I have.  

I apply a nice generous layer of this mask and then leave it on while I go about my business around the house.  This isn't one I use when I'm in the bath as it dries to a hard consistency and I like to let it get really dry so that it feels almost like I can't move my face before I take it off, and that doesn't work so well in a hot steamy bathroom.  You're supposed to leave this one on for about ten minutes, but I always leave it on longer, maybe up to half an hour, because I get a kick out of letting it dry super hard and tight and then animating my face and watching it crack.  It's the little things that amuse me.  

Taking the mask off is pretty easy with a flannel or muslin cloth soaked in hot water.  My skin feels fresh, super clean and taught after using this mask.  

I like the effect of clay masks but some can be super smelly and messy and make you look like a swamp thing when you're wearing them.  The Superfacialist Tea Flower mask is none of those things, but still has all the benefits, so I like, I like a lot.  You can pick up this mask for £8.99, and the rest of the Superfacialist range at Boots.

In another post coming soon I'm going to tell you about which mask I've been loving to tackle and super hydrate the dry patches on my skin.  I told you I was face mask obsessed these days!

Have you tried the Superfacialist range yet?
*PR sample
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  1. Nice review. I am always looking for new face mask/scrubs to try. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I've never heard of this brand - just went onto Boots website and bookmarked their scrub! Thanks for the review hun x


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