22 Mar 2013

Ciaté very colourfoil manicure in carnival couture

As usual, Ciaté are the first with yet another exciting new nail art trend.  Following the caviar, velvet, and sequin manicure is this new metallic foil effect called colourfoil.  In the set you get a full size caviar polish together with a variety of pretty foil sheets and a bottle of adhesive to make bright, abstract metalic designs.  

First of all you paint your nails with the coloured polish and wait for it to dry completely.  Once dry you can start creating with the foil.  The foil sticks only where you paint the adhesive, so you can play with creating different shapes and matches.  I found the technique works best if you paint on a very thin layer of adhesive and allow it to dry until it looks completely clear.  You then place one of the foils on top and where it touches the adhesive the foil transfers to your nail.   You can then paint on more adhesive and apply a different coloured foil and keep doing this until you get the effect that you want.  

In the images below you can see I tried two different looks with the same kit.  In the top photos I used gold, green and blue which gave a really bold result against the pink base.  I generally painted the adhesive in a thin vertical stripe down each nail so you can see each of the colours really well.  In the second look I picked less contrasting colours - pink, silver and gold - and I layered them up which gave a totally different and very sparkly look.  

I preferred the look with the contrasting colours but both looked really unique and everyone was asking me how I'd done my nails when I wore these.  

This nail art is really easy to do because you don't need to be precise at all - the randomness is all part of the look.  

The kit I have is called *carnival couture and it comes with a pinky polish in the shade kiss chase.  There are also two other sets which include different coloured polishes and foils.  You can buy them all at Selfridges and they cost £18 each.

What do you think of Ciaté colourfoil?



  1. I love the Colourfoils, I do feel they're a touch overpriced maybe but all in all very good. I like the look on the bottom row of your pictures the most!

  2. TBH this technique is not to my personal taste but I'm sure many will love them

  3. I love the pink and gold ones! Ciate are so creative and generally I love all this creative nail designing!

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  4. I love these! I think the pinky ones are more me though :) xxx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


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