13 Mar 2013

Crystal Clear Lift Away The Years

I've always been laughed at for being into anti-wrinkle treatments beyond my years, but my philsophy is that it's easier to prevent a bit of ageing than to try to reverse it!  I'm up for trying anything new - I've even tried Botox - so when an invite to see a new product from Crystal Clear popped up, I was well up for giving it a go.  

*Crystal Clear's Lift Away The Years is a unique way to apply a serum to target wrinkles and to increase skin firmness.  Rather than just slapping on your mosituriser or serum and hoping for the best, Lift Away The Years allows you to give  yourself a targetted treatment exactly where you need it. To use it you pop the serum into the little applicator and switch it on.  It has an oscillating head which slowly releases the serum you've filled it with so as you move the applicator around your face it massages in a dose of product.  It's the massaging and vibrating effect that stimulates the muscles in your face to make them tone and tighten and it helps your skin to absorb the anti-ageing serum.  

I saw this demonstrated on laughter lines around the mouth, and being someone who likes to laugh a lot (I think I'm seriously lol) this was the first area I wanted to try it on.  In the interests of giving you all proof of whether or not this works I used the product on one side of my face only so that you could see the difference between the laughter lines either side.  Unfortnately although I can see the difference when I look in the mirror, it wasn't dramatic enough to be picked up by my camera.  

So I can certainly notice a difference when I use this, but of course it's not a permanent fix.  When I use this at night the lines look pretty much back to normal by the next morning.  I think to get the greatest benefit from this product you need to be using it morning and night and spending a good five to ten minutes if you want to target several areas on the face.  Lift Away The Years promises that with prolonged use the results you see will start to last.  I really need to get into a better routine for using this so that I can see those results. I'm not really a morning person so I'm not all that keen to add an extra step in the morning, but I should be able to manage it at night.

Lift Away The Years costs £79.99 for the gadget and a 30ml serum.  It'll be launching soon at crystalclear.co.uk

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