18 Mar 2013

ghd sahara gold metallic styler review / how I style my side fringe (bangs)

I have naturally straight hair, but it's not at all sleek and if left to its own devices it would just have the odd awkward kink, so I've been using straighteners for probably more than ten years, and I've always owned ghds.  Before I received the new gold metallic ghds I was happily using my ghd rare which I've had for between three and four years.  My old ghds were still working absolutely fine even after all that time, but I noticed quite a difference when I started using the metallic styler, so it seems the ghd technology has certainly moved on and improved since I last bought a pair.  The styler glides through my hair much more easily and quickly and the plate edges are more curved so it's even easier to use the styler to curl as well as straighten.

As my fringe has been growing out I've started to wear it as a side sweeping fringe, so I thought I'd show you how I style it using ghds.  I've done this step-by-step, but I'm aware a lot of the steps are rather obvious!

1 - I start off by towel drying my hair and combing it through.  At this stage I'd also use a heat protectant and de-tangling product like Lee Stafford blow dry faster spray.

2 - Next I clip up the rest of my hair to keep it out of the way and section off my fringe

3 - my best fringe styling tip for a side fringe is to dry the hair on the opposite side.  It makes a huge difference in terms of making your hair stay put where you want it.  So the next thing I do is comb my fringe over to the opposite side.

4 - I then blow dry my fringe until it's completely dry whilst pulling it tight to the 'other' side.

5 - Once the fringe is all dry I brush it back to the correct side and comb out the rest of my hair.

6 - Next I blow dry the rest of my hair.

7 - Once all of my hair is dry it's time for straightening.

8 - I straighten the rest of my hair before I start on my fringe, taking 1 - 2 inch sections as a time and straightening from mid-way to the ends.  

9 - When I start working on the fringe, first I just straighten it all normally to begin with.  

10 - Once it's straight I then work on getting it to curve inwards towards my face by angling the ghds down towards my ear and turning my wrist as I reach the ends of the hair.  

11 - The best tip I have for using ghds on your fringe, whether it's a side fringe or a full fringe is to always keep the styler moving.  When I first got a fringe and used ghds on it I found I was getting like a line or a dent in the hair where I started straightening from.  To avoid this I pull the section of hair upwards and once it meets the styler I make sure to keep my hand moving so that the hair is never still for long enough to pick up any indentation.  

12 - Lastly I do a brief swipe over the front of my hair on the opposite side to my fringe to curve the ends of the slightly feathered cut I have.  I then add a bit of serum to the ends of my hair if it needs it (but not to my fringe) and have a quick spritz of hairspray to help keep everything in place.

And that's how it all looks when I'm done.  Easy!  

The ghd metallic styler comes with a coordinating pouch for storage or travel and a heat-proof mat and the usual extra long swivel cord I've come to expect from ghd which literally never tangles.  I wish my hairdryer had the same great feature.  

You can buy the *ghd sahara gold styler set direct from ghd and it costs £135.

Do you use ghds too?



  1. Oooo gold straighteners, very nice. Your hair looks lovely! :)

  2. ooooo pretty shiny gold things :-D

    Absolutely love your new blog design by the way!! xx

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  3. I love the gold, your hair looks fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much! I actually thought it went a bit funny here compared to normal - probably because I kept interrupting the styling process to take the photos!

  4. ahh love the gold!! ive had my trusty ghd's for a good 4-5 years and always think about getting another pair, but I just cant part with them ;) xx

    1. That's the thing, all nice new pretty colours come out (have you seen the candy ones?!) and it makes you want your old ones to break so that you have an excuse to buy! :)

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous :) so shiny! X

  6. I am so jealous that your GHD is gold! It's definitely one of the best hair straighteners!x


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