14 Mar 2013

Little updates - newsworthy!

First off I thought I'd share with you some of the product launches which have been hitting my wish list hard. Spring is a lethal time for us beauty addicts - everywhere I look there's an amazing new launch of something pretty and pink.

1 - Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh sunshine - I love Marc Jacobs fragrances for both the scents and the amazing bottles.  I have several in my collection and it's time Daisy Eau So Fresh came to sit alongside the original Daisy - the new sunshine special edition bottle has sealed the deal.

2 - Benefit world famous neutrals - these have been popping up on blogs this week and they just couldn't be more 'me'.  I love my neutrals - I know I'm a bit of a bore but I love them.  These new palettes from Benefit come in three different colourways and each palette has four powder shadows and two pots of creaseless cream shadow for £23.50.

3 - Clinique CC cream - I was totally suckered by BB creams and probably have up to ten in my collection, so I'm preparing for the hype of the CC creams.  CC standing for 'colour corrector' this new breed offers even more in a single tube and I can't wait to give them a go.  So far the best one I've seen is from Clinique - it promises to hydrate, correct and perfect and I can't wait for it to launch.

4 - Barry M lychee gelly polish - I have two of the original Barry M gelly colours and I really like them, so I'm excited to see some new colours being added to the range for Spring.  The plainest of the collection is the one that catches my eye - Lychee looks like a wonderfully creamy pale nude.

5 - Gosh high school flirt nail polish - I know, it looks a lot like the polish I just mentioned, but as soon as I saw swatches of this colour from Gosh's new limited edition range I knew I would need to own it.  I adore paole nude polishes for lazy days when I don't know what colour to wear and also as a base for loading on glitter or nail art.

6 - Too Faced sweetheart blush - this beauty is already on its way to me, but I felt the need to give it a mention anyway as it's just the prettiest blush ever.  It was a bit of a toss up between this one and the Naked Flushed palette from Urban Decay.  It was a close run thing, and I may well still get the Naked blush palette at some point, but Too Faced's offering was just too gorgeous to miss.

I'm on the hunt for a new setting powder for my foundation and the ones that have caught my eye are from Bourjois and Revlon.  They also have new matching foundations, so I'm sure I'll be tempted to try those too.  Bourjois's Healthy mix serum foundation and Healthy balance powder seem to deliver a radient complexion whilst also being really good for the skin as they're packed with fruits!  Revlon nearly naked foundation is, as it sounds, designed to mimic naked skin to give a lightweight and undetectable finish - the range also includes the Revlon nearly naked pressed powder.

And finally I have to mention the most exciting piece of news I've heard in ages - a curling contraption for the terminally inept (ie me).  Babyliss have announced an amazing new curling tool called the perfect curl - it's not a wand, it's not a curling iron, it's magic!  And it looks like you need zero skill or patience to get amazing results with it.  Finally!!!

This is the youtube video Babyliss have made to show exactly what it's all about - prepare to be amazed!

It's only going to be sold as a professional tool from April and it has a hefty £170 price tag but I'm still not put off - I think it's incredible!

This week I'm mainly.... considering a Spring Primark haul, plotting a visit to Bubbleology, ordering these bunny rabbit shoes, wishing I could master a fishtail plait and trying to curb my worsening addicition to Cadbury's creme eggs - wish me luck!

Which new beauty products are you craving?  Are any of these on your wish list too?
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  1. I NEED that curl contraption

  2. I am in love with this cute blush from Too Faced! O and I badly wanna try a new foundation from Revlon :)

  3. Great products, these are all on my wish list.

  4. Great stuff! I'm waiting of CC creams too :D
    I'm giving away Korean sheet masks on my blog (Europe only), check it out ;)

  5. I need to own that curling contraption thingy! It looks so easy! great post x

  6. I'm such a failure when it comes to curling hair - that curling tool needs to find its way into my hands! Looks amazing. I love everything on this wishlist xo


  7. I love Clinique products, it is a nice post.

  8. I am in love with Barry m lychee its my new favourite nude polish looks so chic :)

  9. I'm so excited about the new Babyliss curler! Clinique CC cream sounds really good too x

  10. That Curler looks so strange but amazing! :) x

  11. Wow that Babyliss curler-it's the first time I've ever heard of it! The whole hair getting sucked up kinda freaked me out but the end result was really nice!


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