27 Mar 2013

Origins skincare favourites - Drink Up, Plantscription and GinZing

Since I started using Origins skincare last year I've found a firm favourite amongst their range of masks. The drink up intensive overnight mask is a product I don't stop raving about. I've even got my boss at work hooked on it! When you think of a traditional face mask you'd imagine quite a thick texture, a cream or maybe a mud style product and something that sits on top of the skin until you're ready to wipe it off. This is nothing like that. It's more like a thick gel consistency and when I apply it my skin starts to soak it all in. It has a lovely fresh fruity smell too, which is just as well as I couldn't go to bed with a product all over my face if it smelt bad. I apply extra around the edges of my nose as this is where I can get some really dry, cracked skin and this just works wonders. If I skip it for a few nights that area starts to become dry again, so I know for sure the mask is helping. I'm using it about every other night at the moment. When the weather warns up I might not need to use it so frequently, as I think these dry patches have been caused by the really cold weather but I'm not certain. If you have issues with dry skin I really recommend this - I have combination skin and although the mask is great for dry areas it doesn't aggravate my oily patches, so it's a winner.

GinZing eye cream is a product I'd been meaning to try for a while as I'd seen it mentioned on lots of other blogs before. I never get super excited about eye creams as I find it quite difficult to tell if they're working or not. With this one there's an instant illuminating and de-puffing effect, so that keeps my interest and inspires me to keep using it and have faith that it's keeping those mean little lines away. GinZing really brightens the dark areas around my eyes and by the time I've added makeup on top I can really see the difference and a bit of added radiance. It's not too heavy and sinks in quickly, so it doesn't disturb any makeup I layer on top.

*Plantscription is Origins' latest release and it's the second moisturiser I've tried from them. Plantscription has been developed with raspberry plant stem cell technology - I'm impressed even if I don't really understand it.  What I can tell you is that the Plantscription moisturiser has a super creamy and almost whipped consistency. It's the total opposite to make a difference which is like a hydrating gel moisturiser. Plantscription makes my skin feel really nourished as well as moisturised and my skin feels plumped. I like that this is an anti-ageing moisturiser which is also oil free.  A lot of skincare I try that's targeted at preventing wrinkles can sometimes be a bit heavy for the oilier areas on my face so I sometimes have to relegate them to night-time use only, but not with this one.  If you have a drier skin, this cream also comes in a normal version as well as the oil free one I've tried.  It also contains SPF 25 so I'll be all set once the springtime sunshine finally appears.

You can find Origins in Boots and John Lewis or you can buy direct from origins.co.uk 

Have you tried Origins?  What's your favourite product?



  1. I'm really interested in picking up the Drink Up Intensive mask... It smells amazing and is what my skin needs right now xx

    1. I think you'll love it - I'm on my second tube now xx

  2. I've been meaning to pick up the drink up intensive mask for ages now, I hear everyone rave about it all the time. Really have no idea why I haven't, maybe that shall be my mission this weekend to go and actually buy one! xxx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. It's soooo good! If you've got any dry patches it's just brilliant xx

  3. Replies
    1. I'm really enjoying it. This is a smaller tube from a Christmas set so I want to buy the big jar now xx

  4. I've only ever tried their spot remover, but am eager to try more products! The eye cream sounds lovely. Xo


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