28 Mar 2013

Popbands by molly mabel - dent-free hair ties

How pretty are these *popbands by molly mable?  They're the cutest little hair ties which solve the problem of traditional bands leaving a dent in your hair and on your wrist.  Such a simple idea, it leaves me wondering why I didn't think of this.  

I was sent three of the more special popbands to play with - as you can see they all have a pretty jewel bead attached to them, but you can also buy them without.  I've been wearing the blue one to sleep every night and it's perfect for getting all of my hair up into a nice messy pineapple and keeping it there all night without feeling tight on my head.  

Being an every day hair washer, I don't maximise the benefit of dent-free hair the next morning, but I do when I wear these just putting my hair up for a bit during the day to get it out of the way.  

I think popbands are really cute and these embellished ones would probably be even more popular with younger girls - wouldn't these be a fab addition to a kids' party bag?  

The sparkly bead popbands I have cost £5 each, or you can get these patterned or glitter popbands in a pack of two for £6.  If you want something a bit more subtle for wearing out and about you can also get plainer popbands in packs of 5 for £6.



  1. I've been looking for these for so look! They look really cute :D

    Great post!


  2. I really love that blue one, it looks so good against your brown hair!! xx


  3. they are so beautiful , nice picks dear :)

  4. Are they stretchy? I can't quite figure them out! xx

    1. Yes - I should have explained it better! They're stretchey - I wind mind round three times when I put my hair up xx

  5. They're so cute! I could do with some for putting my hair up at work!


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