2 Mar 2013

The perfect mother's day gift - L'Occitane spring cherry collection

Mother's day in the UK is much earlier than usual this year, so don't get caught out!  It's on Sunday 10 March, so just over a week away.  The new spring cherry collection from L'Occitane has launched just in time and I think it makes the perfect present to say thank you to Mum.

The spring cherry fragrance which runs through all of the products in this collection is simply beautiful.  I have several L'Occitane perfumes in my collection and this one is a serious contender to be my favourite.  

As with all L'Occitane secents, spring cherry is delicate and not at all overpowering.  Although it's called spring cherry, it's not one of those synthetic cherry fragrences at all.  It smells like lovely fresh blossoms and it's so perfect for this time of year.

The design of the spring cherry products is gorgeous and captures the beauty of budding flowers.  I love the amazing floral detail on the bottles and the labelling is really pretty too.  I appreciate it when brands put just as much thought into what's going on on the outside of the bottle as well as on the inside.  How a product looks is such an important factor for me when I'm choosing a gift - I want that wow effect when the gift is opened.

L'Occitane make my favourite hand and body creams, so as usual, these products are a total pleasure to use.    The spring cherry hand cream is all ready to replace my winter version as my daily go to product.  The velvet body moisturizing gel might be kept on display for a while before I'll allow myself to start using it on a regular basis - it's just too pretty to use it up too quickly!

The spring cherry collection includes all of the following products - 

*Eau DeToilette - 50ml - £32
*Velvet moisturising gel - 250ml - £20
*Hand cream - 30ml - £8
 Irridescent shower gel - 250ml - £13
 Spring cherry soap - 50g - £3.50

There are also two gift sets available - 

You can buy the Spring Cherry collection at L'Occitane online and in store.  

What do you think of the new collection?  Is it something your Mum would like to receive?
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  1. This looks so pretty, I like the petite set (probably because my budget isn't huge)



    1. The butterfly soap in that set is so cute!

  2. I love L'Occitane I need to go to the store and buy a new handcream x

    1. Their handcreams are the best aren't they? xx


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