12 Mar 2013

Yardley Polaire

On Thursday evening I went along to see and smell a new fragrance launch from Yardley.  Looking to appeal to a younger audience, and inspired by the 1920s, Yardley have created an art deco style bottle and packaging for their fragrance named after a French silent film actress.

Polaire is a chypre fragrance which combines the scents of pear, freesia, spicy rose, ginger, pink pepper, patchouli and amber.  We got to experience the top, base and heart notes seperately before smelling the perfume as a whole.   I'm always terrible a picking out the individual ingredients when I whiff new fragrance, so I found this really interesting, especially as the perfume as a whole smelt so different to the individual scents once they were all combined together.  

To me Polaire smells very floral and slightly musky - the main scents I can smell I think are the freesia and patchouli.  

*Polaire is available now priced at £19.99 for 50ml and it's currently on a 1/3 off offer at Boots.

After considering how the seperate scents that make up Polaire had been mixed together, we got to mix some potions of our own... of the drinkable variety.  

We had a fab cocktail making session which was really good fun.  My favourite new cocktail I discovered was a mint julep which is sort of like a mojito but it's made with gin, apple juice, elderflower, lemon and mint.  Delicious.  
That's me looking slightly worse for wear after several cocktails with the lovely Jayne looking slightly crazed even though she was on virgin cocktails only!  Hi to my other cocktail making buddies Fei and Bettina!  

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  1. Haha I love that photo of you and Jayne! It was such a fun evening x

    1. I don't love the photo so much, haha! xx


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