1 Apr 2013

Benefit fake up concealer review and swatches

I was so pleased to get to go along to Benefit in Spitalfields to uncover the mystery of their latest release - fake up, as Benefit has been a brand I've loved for such a long time.  It was the first 'high end' makeup brand I ever coverted and I remember owning lots of the 'fix-it' products like Doctor Feel Good, She-laq, Boing and Lemonaid in my mid-teens, before I'd really got interested in colour.  These days I've been more into Benefit's eyeshadow palettes, blushes, lip glosses and they're real mascara, but I've not really tried their bases before (other than the porefessional) and I was excited to see what was on offer.

*Fake up is a hydrating, crease-control concealer and the hydrating effect promises to last for at least 6 hours. It comes in three shades which are adaptive to your skin tone - light, medium and deep. For me the lightest shade is perfect for under my eyes as I like to use a paler colour to make my eye area look brighter while medium is great for any other areas to conceal redness or imperfections. Deep would be an ideal contour shade for me, but I'm a bit nervous about giving it a go. I've looked up that infamous Kim Kardashian contour image but I really don't think I have the skills to recreate it!

On my skin fake up applies really smoothly and it's not at all drying or cakey because it has so much moisturisation built in. The twist up stick has the concealer in the centre with a moisturising ring around the outside containing vitamin E and apple seed extract.

I put the crease-free claims to the test by using fake up under my eyes. Other than the fairly prominent crease which is always there under my eyes, I didn't get any other creases whilst wearing fake up underneath my foundation.  I'm tempted to try it as a base on my eyelids as that's where my makeup always tends to crease regardless.

I've been applying fake up straight from the tube onto my skin, either dotting it on to imprefections, or drawing a v shape under my eyes before blending in with a brush and applying my foundation on top which gives a really smooth finish. I've been combining fake up with Benefit's hello flawless powder - which is really living up to its name - and I'll be posting about that soon.

I reallt love the hydrating effect of this concealer - it's a brilliant idea that really works.  Some concealers I've owned can be so drying on my skin that they instantly look cakey or powder or even streaky on the skin whereas fake up seemlessly blends in and leaves a smooth creamy finish.  Just a little bit in love with this right now.

Have you uncovered the mystery of fake up yet?  What's your favourite Benefit product?



  1. I'm actually really curious about these!!
    Great post!


  2. I love the look of these they look really good for contouring too xx


  3. I need to try them as under eye concealers! My fav benefit product has to be Dandelion xx


  4. They look a little bit dark and orange toned. I don't even think the light would be light enough for my pale skin which is unfortunate as I would love to try these out :( xo


  5. I love the ideas of these, I wonder if I'm too pale for the Light one, I'll have to test it out! Thanks for the recommendation! :D xxx


  6. I really like the idea of these, think I may go check out the lightest one and see if it would work for my under eye area! x

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