11 Apr 2013

Bourjois so laque glossy nail polishes

Okay so it must be getting really old for me to keep mentioning how my laptop crashed and ate all my photos, but yeah, I did a whole lovely mani with these and lost the images, hence the nail wheel swatches!  

Bourjois have added 10 new glossy polishes to their so laque range in some lovely spring shades.  I picked a lovely pastel mint green and baby pink in the shades *almande défilé and *oh so rose.  I have to agree that they are very glossy - you can see the shine in the photos - but I always add topcoat over my polish anyway.  

I'm in love with the mint shade, which is opaque in two coats, although I also swatched it with three just to see.  

Oh so rose looks so promising in the bottle but I misjudged it as being an opaque shade - it's really quite transparent and even after three coats I could still see through it.  I'm not a fan of seeing my nail line through my polish so when I wore this colour I added two coats of an almost white base coat underneath three coats of polish to get something closer to an opaque finish - that took a fair bit of patience and effort so you can see why I was annoyed to lose those photos!  As this colour is so transparent it would be good if you just wanted to give your nails a subtle polished and glossy look without full on colour.  

As oh so rose is possibly the palest in the range, and alande défilé gave good opaque coverage, I think the rest of the colours would probably be quite opaque too.  I'm thinking about picking up the pale nude (bc beige) - and the blue (adora bleu).
Which is your favourite shade in this collection?



  1. Hi Gemma, that look really nice, i been having a love affair with Bourois cosmetic beauty items lately as they keep getting better and better. xx I will keep a look out for these.


  2. I love the mint green!! Gorgeous!! I do that so often buy a color that looks gorgeous in the bottle and then find out it needs 100 coats!! Lol but both colours look nice! :) i love the blue and the red!! Xxx

  3. I love the mint green :D But I think the pink could do with being more opaque :) I love the look of the grey from the collection :) xxx


  4. Love the peachy rose one, its a pity it doesn't have much colour to it though!


  5. Both the colours look really gorgeous, although I don't think I could be doing with how sheer the rose shade is, it really bugs me being able to see my nails underneath too. xo

  6. These look gorgeous! Love the nude, blue, taupe and rose ones! xxo

  7. They look like ice cream and good enough to eat!:)

  8. Gorgeous colors, I usually avoid polishes that require more that 2 coats!

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