24 Apr 2013

Illamasqua Paranormal collection - first look and swatches

Last night I was lucky enough to get to pop along to see the lovely and inspriring people at Illamasqua and to share in the launch of their latest collection - Paranormal.  A little unexpected for this time of year perhaps for a slightly 'spooky' collection, but Illamasqua love to be not only a step but massive great lunges ahead of the rest.  I also love how the theme lends to everything having a quirky and otherworldy name.

The Paranormal collection is all about different and unexpected colours and textures.  Colour junkies will love this collection for its brights and its slightly obscure shades that push the boundaries of what we're used to.  For me, the draw is the amazing innovation.  I'm a neutrals girl at heart and can't pull off a full on intense, immense Illamasqua look, but I go to them for their groundbreaking products that really work, and there's one of those in this collection that I'm just a teensy bit crazy for. 

From left to right here we have a UV top coat (glows a white blue and can be applied over any other shade),  a bright green called Omen, a hot pink called Ouija and a gorgeous purple called Seance.  £13 each.

I had my nails painted in Ouija and Seance.  Sorry the photo's not the best quality - I sadly smudged one or two nails after I took this - but you can see the shimmer / super fine and soft glitter effect texture these polishes have and the almost irridescent sheen they pick up in the light.  I didn't get a photo of these under a black light but I did try them out and the glow a neon white hot version of themselves.  Have a look at Leanne's post to see what Omen (green) looks like on and under a black light.

Next up is what I has to be the stand out 'wow' product of this collection - Hydra Veil.  I spent ages bending the ear of Illamasqua's Director of product development - David Horne - about how and why he created this product because I was just so fascinated by it.  He gave me lots of tips on how to use it for my skin type so after I've tried it a few times I'll do a post with all of the information.  So far I'm very, very impressed!

What you need to know that this is a revolutionary primer for dehydrated areas of the skin.  If your makeup dissapears during the day on dry areas of your face - even if you have oily skin - this will sort those dry patches out and leave behind a smooth and levelled surface for your makeup to grip onto.  It's also a whole lot of fun to play with as the self-leveling gel squirms and slides back into a perfectly smooth blob in it's tub no matter how much you stir it up!  This will be £27.50 - a lot less than I expected actually.

As much as I shy away from wearing a lot of colour on my eyes, I was totally 'getting' the beauty of Illamasqua's new palette.  The colours are so gorgeous next to each other - they're soft and they're bright all at the same time and have an amazing silky formula which is said to really last.

Left to right the colours are Paranormal, Aura, Possesion and Trance.  The palette is £34.

And this little beauty is a new Gleam hi-light product in a lovely warm bronze shade.  I wore this today and really liked it on my skintone as a beautifully sheeny blush - it really does make you gleam.  It's called Supernatural and I'll share proper swatches of this asap.

Finally I snapped Illamasqua's new take on a classic lip.  I love how they encourage us to break all of those traditional rules.  Instead of a red lip, go purple, or switch up your nude lip for lilac!  The lilac sounds a bit crazy I know, but even little miss neutral over here is coming around to the idea the more I look at it.  My only remaining reservation is that I think it might show up my stained teeth!  

The lilac shade is called Posture and the puple / violet is called ESP - these will be £16.50 each.

The last product in the new Paranormal collection is one that I can;t wait to rush out and buy, so I'm really annoyed I didn't get a photo of it.  It's a precision gel eyeliner in a blackest of blacks shade called Infinity.  Illamasqua's precision ink is my favourite black liquid liner, and some people were saying the new gel liner might be even better as it doesn't dry as fast (time to correct those mistakes!) but will be waterproof.  It sounds like perfection to me and I'll be first in line to buy it when the collection launches on 30th April.

Whilst I was squeezing David Horne for all of his oily skin tips, these too were busy musing out on one another.

The amazing Alex Box (Illamasqua Creative Director) and the fabulous Jayne Read (Illamasqua super fan).

Look out for the Paranormal collection launching at Illamasaqua.com from 30 April.  

After all, why be normal, when you can be Paranormal?  



  1. The nail varnishes look absolutely amazing! The green is a little 'slime' coloured for me but the pink and purple look gorgeous x


    1. I'm not a green girl either - it looks good next to the pink and purple though!

  2. those polishes are gorgeous!! xx

  3. I love the idea of the UV top coat, such a great concept, I would love to see how it looked :D xxx


    1. Sorry I did t get one! I've had a search for you on google but can't find any pics of the actual topcoat (Geist). Someone will blog it soon I'm sure :)

  4. Love these shades - so pretty! Holly xx


  5. omg this collection sounds so amazing! thanks for sharing!! :D love illamasqua! <3
    big hugs <3

  6. wow.....wow...Great collection


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