19 Apr 2013

Light up iphone 5 charger from The Snugg

I can barely function without my iphone - sad but true.  I know this because last year when I upgraded to an iphone 5 I had to go without for a week (because I sold my old one and had to send it off before the new one had arrived).  I love everything about the new iphone, my only grumble is that nothing from my old iphone fits.  The covers not fitting is not such a hassle as I like to buy new covers a lot anyway, but not being able to fit the iphone 5 into my boyfriend's iphone dock or steal his ipad charger, not being able to use my old charger as a spare and no longer being able to use my emergency battery booster because apple decided to make the iphone 5 have a uniquely sized charging port drives me just a little crazy.

I'm glued to my phone all day - mainly due to being an instagram addict - so I often run out of power and can't be dragging my one charger about everywhere with me, so this little gadget from The Snugg is just what I needed.  The *Snugg live wire blue flowing light charging cable for ipad mini and iphone 5 does what it says on the tin realy.  It's an extra USB charging cable which fits the new iphones and ipads and I can have it with me to charge my phone from any laptop or computer.  It's also handy around the house for a very lazy me as I'll tend to use this downstairs and leave my plug in charger upstairs.

I've darkened these photos a bit so that you can see - the wire of the charger lights up when you connect the phone and a USB power source.

The blue lights chase along the wire so it actually looks like the electricity flowing through the cable and into your phone - nerdy cool! The lights are functional too as they go out when your phone is fully charged so you can see from across the room that your it's ready.  

The USB wire is compatible with your iphone charger plug too, so if you just wanted to replace your normal charging wire with something a bit more funky that will work.  

Snugg live wire blue flowing light charging cable costs £19.99 and you can pick one up from thesnugg.co.uk


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  1. Ooooh, I like this idea! I love gadgets like that. If I worked in an office I would definitely get myself one of these :) as it is I doubt I would use it, so its definitely not a justified purchase! xo


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