7 Apr 2013

Little updates - I'm back!

Goodness it's been nearly a week since I last posted.  I'd love to say it's because I'd been on holiday or something nice like that but no, it's because my laptop crashed on Wednesday and hasn't worked since.  I only bought it in January so I can't believe it's literally dead three months later.  My old laptop, which I've resurrected so that I can do some blogging, was the same brand - Sony Vaio - and it lasted three and a half years so I never expected anything to go wrong!  I'm waiting for Sony to take it in for a repair.  The worst thing is all of the photos I've lost.  I took so many pictures for the blog over the Easter weekend and it's highly unlikely I'll get any of them back :(  Anyway I'm trying to just get on with it, at least I have my old laptop to use even if it is a bit slow and unreliable, and most of my pictures can be re-taken.  I'm planning to put my giveaway up this week - the one with all the Canadian bits and bobs - just need to take photos of the prizes again... aaargh.

One thing I haven't lost of course, is my iphone and instagram photos, so here's what I've been getting up to.


1 - being Stitch, as you do.  This is my favourite onesie ever.  My bestie bought it for me from ebay
2 - bunny cake has to be the cutest yankee candle they've made
3 - more bunnies - I need it to war up so I can wear these asos flats - they come in other colours too
4 - I finally managed to figure out how to do beachy waves with ghds and they lasted!


1 - topshop nails in peaches and cream with L'Oreal confetti top coat and I've been trying out the Nails Inc gel effect top and base coats - loads to say about those so I'll post about them as soon as I've re-taken some photos
2 - I can't stop wearing the Barry M gelly in Lychee - I really love the Barry M gelly polishes, they go on so smoothly and quickly and I can even get away with one coat if I'm in a rush - I want to get all the new colours.  I was wearing OPI living daylights glitter on the tips.

3 - Revlon girly glitter which I picked up in Canada.  There's one of these in my giveaway :)

4 - Easter egg nails!  I painted each nail a bright pastel colour and then use a topshop nail art pen to draw a squiggly pattern on a couple of nails.


1 & 2 - Squeeeal I bought a Mulberry!  I went to the outlet at Bicester Village and this just sort of happened.  I'll do a post with some close ups of the bag and details of what else they had at the outlet and the prices soon. 

3 - I've been swatching the glittery sparkly polishes from the OPI Oz collection

4 - I picked up two of the World Famous Neutrals palettes from Benefit (I got glamorous and easiest) - so annoyed that I spent ages swatching these and lost all the photos - I'll have to do it all again soon.


1 - scrummy blueberry pancakes at The Diner
2 - death by burger at meatliqour
3 - juicy bubble teas at bubbleology
4 - baking the chocolate raspberry brownies from this post


1 - oops more pancakes
2 - Percy pig cake for my brother's birthday
3 - and he got a giant Millie's cookie
4 - feast with the girls at Prezzo

Hopefully I'll be back to daily posts again this week if my old laptop holds out, and look out for my giveaway with lots of US / Canadian goodies.  



  1. Glad to see you back! I'd love to see a tutorial on how to do beachy waves using GHDs! xx


    1. Thanks! I'm not the best at hair tutorials - might give it a try and see how it turns out. Thanks for the suggestion hun xx

  2. Loving all the nails! So pretty! Hope your laptop gets fixed soon! xx

  3. You're nails are fab and so loving the shoes cutest pair i've ever seen!

    Claire does beauty

  4. I know ive said it before but I love love love your little updates!! that Mulberry bag really is a beaut!! :) xx

  5. So jealous of the Mulberry purchase!
    Ah, the pancakes and brownies look so yummy!


  6. Your Easter egg nails are gorgeous! And your new Mulberry is beautiful, I'm just waiting patiently for the day when I can afford one!

    Mollie xo

  7. That Mulberry bag is gorgeous, so jealous! All of that food looks amazing too, think I may need to give the brownie recipe a go! x

  8. Love all the nail art and so much delicious looking food!

  9. Awesome post! Love all the photos :)

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