28 Apr 2013

Little updates

Happy Sunday everyone!  I'm not sure why I'm so cheerful today - it must be all of the sunshine we've been getting in London.  I love Winter but it went on far too long and I'm so pleased Spring is here and I can stop lugging around a big winter coat!  I hope it's sunny where you are too.


1 - playing with some fab new makeup from Cargo - I love the blush - blogging about this soon
2 - One of my favourite glossybox themes ever 
3 - I finally posted my big Canadian / US goodies giveaway so go ahead and enter here
4 - I also have another giveaway on the go to win a Soak Yourself Love Soak kit - enter here


1 - I love these beautiful trees on all of the streets where I live - it's a shame they only look like this for about two weeks a year
2 - Trying out the new Everriche shampoo and conditioner
3 - Searching for cures for shiny face
4 - Bathtime product overload


1 - speckly beige nails with L'Oreal and Topshop polishes
2 - Essie nice is nice from glossybox
3 - Nails Inc Hobart Place
4 - Illamasaqua paranormal nails
5 - Models Own Hed Kandi polishes 
6 - My bestie's pretty glitter mani


1 - back into loving graze boxes
2 - fruity treat as I'm now doing Slimming World
3 - these pancakes are much healthier than they look - they're made with bananas!
4 - I tried making my own houmous - to be honest it wasn't that great
5 - one of the best Slimming World recipes I've tried so far - meatball pasta bake
6 - pasta salad lunch at work


1 - Testing out a rainbow cake recipe in preparation for a special first birthday party
2 - teapot cake I helped my bestie make for her Nan's 80th
3 - my cupcake production line
4 - One of the neatest cupcakes I've ever iced!

Lately I've been totally addicted to Prison Break - I never watched it when it was on TV but I've been catching up with it on Love Film.  I'm just starting season 3 now and I love it.  To me it's as good as 24 or Lost and Wentworth Miller is a total hottie, so that helps.  I need to find a new equally amazing show to watch when I finish the last season.  

As I mentioned I've started Slimming World - I'm in my third week and it's going really well so far.  I'll probably do a post about it in the next week or two as I know some of you may never have tried that diet and will be interested to know what it's all about.  

Don't forget to enter my USA goodies giveaway and my Soak Yourself giveaway - I have another giveaway coming up in May too! xx 



  1. such a wonderful post... I love Prison break too after season 4 watch Game of Thrones its my current favorite. Love the Cargo blush please review soon and its very hot where I live and we are using Air conditioners to keep ourselves from melting.

    1. Good idea - I watched the first season of Game of Thrones so I'd like to get back into that. I'm jel of your hot weather! xx

  2. Seriously in love with your nail color!

    All in a Soiree
    All in a soiree has officially joined Facebook, Be sure to like my page to stay updated snippets of events and design:)

  3. Loving those cupcakes! Wish I could do the icing that neatly! xxo

    1. It's all about the tools - I use the jumbo icing nozzles xx

  4. i love your website :) ive been looking on your page the past few weeks now and noticed you post all sorts of different things, im in need of a new bronzer but im not to sure which one to buy? which one would you recommend not too expensive?


    1. Thanks Hayleigh :) I'm currently planning a purchase of the cult beauty lover's bronzer - Nars laguna, but I'd hardly call that not too expensive! One of the ones I really like that's good value is the bronzer and highlighter duo from Sleek. You can get it in Superdrug and it's only about £7 and you get two products in one xx


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