30 Apr 2013

My new stripey louis armchair from outthereinteriors.com

Welcome to my hallway.  Fancy a sit down in my snazzy new chair?

I've long admired gorgeous vintage-esque, shabby chic, french furniture, and particularly wanted a beautifully ornate and eye-catching chair like this one.  This chair is actually destined to be a bit of a showpiece in my bedroom, but until we redecorate in there it's adorning the hallway and greeting all of my guests with its smiley stripes.

*The chair is called Bethany and she's really striking as well as being sturdy and well made.  My boyfriend keeps calling the chair a throne when I sit on it - if he's insinuating that I'm a princess I won't argue... 

The only thing that's slightly disappointing is that one of the arm covers has almost no stripes on it, so it looks a bit like it doesn't match - it's because there's an extra wide purple stripe in the pattern though, and I guess each chair is unique.

The company has quite an amazing array of beautiful products like this chair - I could have spent hours browsing everything.  This chair comes in other colours, plus I fell in love with some gorgeous patterned mannequins and a fabulous ornately framed mirror.  If I was re-decorating my house with an unlimited budget I could do some serious damage!  

What's your home decor style?  Does french style furniture appeal to you?



  1. Love this chair! And the wallpaper, where's it from x

    1. Thank you - the wallpaper was probably from Homebase or B&Q - it was 5 years ago though, sorry!

  2. Holy cow! I love that chair. Just love it!

  3. Wow! That chair is awesome, I love the bright stripes. Xo

  4. Great chair! I have one of those in the loft that I need to get reupholstered.

  5. So pleased you all like the chair - I know it's a bit bright and a bit different but I think it's fab and I'm glad you do too :)

  6. This is so gorgeous! I love it! x


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