8 Apr 2013

OPI Oz the great and powerful collection - review and swatches of the glitters

I'm at that stage with my nail polish collection where it's getting a bit out of control and I'm running out of space, so I have to be quite strict with myself when it comes to buying new polishes.  I try to make sure I don't buy any dupes or similar colours to those I already have, so I tend to only allow myself to splurge when it comes to a particularly unique or different polish.  When I checked out the OPI Oz collection, the three glitter topcoats fit my description of 'unique and different' perfectly, so I had to have them.  

When monkeys fly is a really bold glitter polish - there's nothing subtle about this one.  It has huge chunks of hexagon gold glitter mixed with round holographic silver glitter in various sizes.  The glitter is really densley packed into the polish so you get tonnes of glitter with just one swipe.  That's a big difference I've noticed between OPI and some cheaper brands, they don't skimp on the glitter at all.  I hate t when I apply a glitter topcoat and get a swipe of just clear polish!  I'm pleased I bought this - it's not like anything else I own and it looks great over pretty much any colour.  

Lights of emerald city is my unexpected favourite of the collection.  I almost didn't buy it as I wasn't sure if I'd like the little white squares - I wondered if it'd look like little bits of paper stuck to my nails!  I think on its own the little white square glitters could be a bit stark, but mixed with the beautiful pearlescent glitter it takes on a really delicate and magical feel.  It's the first one I've worn (you might have seen my instagram it - @fluttersparkle) and I went for a creamy nude as a base which I think works perfectly.  It's totally different over a dark shade like I've shown in these swatches as the pearlescent glitter takes on a flame-like quality and really shows up.  This is the stand out polish of the Oz collection for me.

Hmmm Which is witch - I didn't need this one did I?  I was a bit naughty here and bought this one mainly because I was buying the other two and thought I might as well.  It's a lot like so many other silver glitter topcoats I own.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have an exact dupe - this one has glitter strands / flecks as well as round glitter which adds an interesting texture, but it's really not that different from the ten or more other silver / holographic glitters I own.  That said, it is a beauty, so if you don't have a sparkly holographic glitter like this, it's certainly worth picking up.  As with all three of these polishes, the glitter is really densely packed so you get serious full glitter coverage with just one coat.

You can pick up the Oz collection on ebay, beautybay, and asos.

Will you be adding any of these to your nail polish collection?



  1. How gorgeous! I'm anxious to get my hands on some of these polishes!

  2. I think i might have to invest in lights of emerald city!! Im with you in the nail collection situation!! I managed to part with 25 polishes, and quickly replaced them :S oops haha xx

    1. I have a massive jar of ones I'm thinking about getting rid of - can't bring myself to let go ha! xx

  3. I'm not supposed to be buying anymore polish as I bought 12 last week, wish I'd never clicked on this post as I now want all 3! Love Which is Witch on the nude, it's just beautiful!

  4. Such gorgeous polishes, I'm definitely going to add one to my collection, now I just need to figure out which one haha :)

  5. I love which is witch! I love how the glitter is different sizes :D xxx


  6. Which is witch is Goood...I liked the black one :)

  7. Lights of Emerald City is soooo pretty. I actually didn't think it'd look like bits of paper at all!

  8. I think I'm in love with all of these! xx


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