15 Apr 2013

Organic Surge lavender meadow and a little nosey in my bathroom

A slightly different post today and a new background as we're in my bathroom.  I thought whilst blogging about this lovely hand wash and hand cream duo from Organic Surge I'd show them taking pride of place on my bathroom sink.

My mum always used to say she hated the smell of lavender and that it reminded her of old ladies.  I really don't know why because to me, these lavender scented product couldn't smell fresher.  I was a bit dubious because of the thoughts my Mum had put into my head, but they smell really great.  They're not solely lavender scented, it's lavender and geranium, which gives a floral but very fresh and clean smell.

The hand wash is more heavily scented that the hand cream, and using them together I'm left with soft and clean hands than smell beautiful.

*Lavender Meadow hand cream costs just £4.09 for 75ml and the matching hand wash is the same price for 250ml.

While we're in the bathroom I thought I'd share a couple more snaps.  We had a bit of a clear out and re-paint of the bathroom over the Easter weekend.  I de-cluttered and threw out all the empty or old products and squeezed half empty products into each other so that  could fit all of our essentials into these boxes and this tray.  The minis are allowed out on display because I like how they look, but everything else now has to have a place and no clutter is allowed on the sink!  The towels are looking a bit lop-sided as I've saved a space for these towels that I'm hoping the boyfriend will give in and let me buy :) 

Do you like the smell of lavender?



  1. Everything looks so organised! I love the pictures :D Great post!


  2. I have just got the hand cream but haven't tried it out yet. I'm not a huge fan of lavender but hopefully it will work so well that the smell won't bother me :) xo

  3. Love the towels and mini's. Chic!

    Stevie x


  4. I absolutely love the smell of lavender. I really agree with you that it's super fresh, even if it does have an association with an older era.
    Also, I love the print on your towels. A lovely floral.



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