13 Apr 2013

Spring Primark haul April 2013

I love it when Primark get their new season things in.  I was getting really bored of what they had in up until a few weeks or so ago and now it's like a whole new shop bursting with pretty spring colours, so I picked up quite a lot.

These dresses are like a waffle fabric and they come in loads of colours for £13 each.  I picked up this bright green and coral but they also had a lemon yellow, navy blue, black and I think a couple of others.  They come with a belt, although the green one I picked up had already lost its belt - I wasn't fussed as they're quite cheapie belts and I'd rather add my own.

I have the all white hello kitty slippers Primark had out before Christmas but they're getting a bit worn so that was a good enough excuse for me to get this pink pair.  These were £4.

Not very me to wear a t-shirt but I quite like these and thought I might wear it for exercising.  I think this was £5.   

This is just like a t-shirt material dress and it was £10.  I really liked it when I saw it in the shop but now I'm wondering if I've gone off it.  Not sure.  I'd probably wear it with leggings and a denim shirt.

I loved this top as soon as I saw it because of the pretty collar detail.  It come sup fairly small and it shorter than I'd like so I'm not sure how I'll wear it but it's too pretty to take it back.  This was £12.  I might try wearing it under a high neck top or dress with just the collar peeping out.

Together with the top above, this dress is one of the prettiest things I've seen in Primark in a long time.  It's so lovely and summery and a bit Cath Kidston.  It was only £10 too.

You can't see so well in the photos but this is a textured dress with a swirly pattern on it.  It was £13 and I bought it to wear to work as I work in an office and I nearly always wear a dress and jacket.  This came in some other nice colours too but they were sold out in my size - I think they had black and an olive green.

I couldn't resist these 'twitter' pjs!  They're separates and the top and bottoms were £5 each.

I also got these moustache bottoms for lounging around the house.  They were also £5.

Every year Primark bring out pretty little sandal flats and every year I buy too many pairs and hardly wear them.  But do I ever learn?  Of course not.  I'm a sucker for anything with a bow on it so I bought these in gold and in black.  They were £8 each and they also come in a holographic silver.

I really didn't need to get a third pair of flat sandals but these had rose gold panels on them which made me fall in love just a little bit, so they went into the basket too.  They were also £8.

I've been meaning to get a necklace like this for a while, but I didn't want to pay much money for it as I haven't got many high neck clothes to wear them with.  I thought £4 was cheap enough though, so I got this one.

There are statement necklaces and then there's this.  I've sort of lost my bottle since buying this and haven't worn it yet!  Going to be brave and do it this week.  This was £8 and it says it's an Oxford Street exclusive - I got it in the Tottenham Court Road Primark.

I bought this stacking ring just because I wanted to one with the little peach rose on it.  I used to have a ring like this which I wore to death until it was too tarnished and this reminded me of it.  It was only £1.50.

I don;t really look in the Primark beauty section very often but my friend was looking for something and I had a browse of the nail polish while I was waiting.  The shimmery blue colour looked pretty for £1 and seemed like a models own dupe and the one on the right seemed like quite an exciting glitter for £2.50.  I've not tried these out yet.

I bought a picnic rug in Primark last year and we got loads of use out of it in the Summer, so I thought I'd buy another one so that Dan and I can have one each to spread out on.  I think this was £6.

In my last Primark haul I had some new towels which were a mint green with a floral print.  I really love them, but then I saw these owl towels and wanted to buy new towels all over again.  I bought one to try to convince my boyfriend that we need both sets...

And lastly I picked up a few cute bits for my friend's baby.  The bunny hair clips are just too adorable.  

What bargains have you got in Primark lately?  Have you bought any of these things?



  1. I love some of the dresses you picked up, I did a recent primark haul as well over on my blog :D xxx


  2. Such pretty things, I haven't been to primark in months, I think I need to go asap ;-)

  3. Wow there really is some amazing stuff in Primark at the moment. I love the £4 neon statement necklace, I'll definitely be buying it if I see it. I haven't had a proper Primark spending spree in ages!

    Those Angelica polishes really are dupes for Models Own Indian Ocean and Ibiza Mix, amazing!

    Charlotte xo

    1. Yes, that's what I thought. Couldn't remember the Models Own names - thanks for reminding me :)

  4. You got some lovely things,I need to own the Cathkidson-esq top it is so pretty x x

    1. hehe that's reminded me of my boyfriend - he calls all dresses tops!

  5. great purchases!! those polishes are seriously lush :) might have to take a snoop at the beauty section next time I visit primarni ;) xx

  6. I love the first necklace! i may need to pop to Primark and purchase it myself :)
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  7. Superb picks of latest fashion clothes.. The summer seems ravishing this year :) xoxo

  8. Love you moustache bottoms! I want!


  9. you got ome great things, love the first dress and bow sandals, am doing a giveaway and would love it if you would check it out!



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