7 May 2013

Baking a teapot birthday cake

Cup of tea?  Slice of cake?  Not sure which one you'll get from this beauty!  I helped my bestie bake this cake for her Nan's 80th birthday - isn't it amazing?

I started out taking photos for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this cake, but in the end we got too stressed out as we made the whole thing in one evening at the same time as baking and icing 30 cupcakes, so there wasn't so much time for posing for pictures.  Instead I thought I could just talk you through what we did.

So to get the basic teapot body shape, we baked the cake in two halves using round pyrex bowls and a standard madeira cake recipe.  This gave us two half circles which we put together.  We trimmed the round end of both halves - more for the bottom piece to give a flatter surface for the cake's base.

The two halves of cake were sandwiched together with buttercream and jam, and we used trimmed wooden kebab skewers through the middle to keep it together.  This was more difficult than it sounds!

Next we iced the cake with a thin layer of buttercream to capture all of the crumbs and to give us a tacky surface for the outer icing.  The outer icing was made with one pack of white royal icing and one pack of pink mixed together to give this pale pink colour.  We rolled it out in a big circle before draping it over the cake, cutting off the excess and tucking in the edges.  To make the edges look neat we rolled left-over icing into little balls and make a pearl like decoration around the base.

The teapot lid was also just cut from the same icing and we decorated it with little balls of icing again and a large one for the top.

The spout and handle were made in advance from white royal icing and cocktail sticks - Heather made these a couple of days before so that there was time for the icing to harden.  We attached these to the cake with skewers again and ran into a bit of difficulty as they were quite brittle and threatened to break, but with a bit of patching up we managed to keep them in once piece.

Finally we used left-over buttercream to stick on pretty little sugar flowers - we cheated and got these ready-made from ebay!

And there you have it - it sounds a lot easier than it was!  Set aside a good few hours if you're thinking about making something like this, and enlisting a friend for an extra pair of hands really helps too!

What do you think?  Does it look like a proper teapot? 



  1. I think it looks very impressive indeed!

  2. Ah this is officially amazing!! Good Skills xx

    Yorkshire Pud xx


  3. Did it taste as good as it looks?

    1. I actually didn't get to taste it, how unfair!

  4. This is so amazing. It doesn't sound easy to make at all but it does look so cute and delicious too! :)

  5. This is amazing! So pretty! x

  6. This is awesome, I bet your friend's Nan was suitably impressed! I've never tried making a themed or novelty cahe, perhaps it's time to get creative!
    Mel x


  7. This cake is so pretty. Great job!

  8. This looks so good, you should both be very proud! Xx


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