3 May 2013

Models Own new artstix - pink stuff swatches

Have you seen the new artstix from models own?  They're new mini duo polish sets and each comes with an opaque coloured polish to 'paint it' and a glittery or pearlecent top coat to 'cover it'.  It's a great way to try two new models own polishes as the artstix cost £6 whereas a full size polishes usually cost £5 each.  

I've been playing with the one called *'pink stuff' which has pastel pink at one end and hot stuff topcoat at the other.  Here they all are swatched seperately and then together.  

And here's the pink stuff artstix compared to it's big brothers in the same shades as I happened to already own these colours.  I'd forgotten what a perfect shade pastel pink is and I've gone a bit crazy wearing it loads since I've re-discovered it.  I'm wearing it right now in a combo with one of the new Models Own Hed Kandi shades, but more about that in another post...

I really like this idea and would rush out and buy lots of the artstix if I didn't already own most of the colours.  I'm a bit of a Models Own addict, especially when it comes to the glitter topcoats, so I already have most of the duos in their full sizes.  I'm greedy like that!

There are 8 different duos available and you can check them all out here on the models own site - I think my favourite is snow mix.

Are you a models own fan too?



  1. Replies
    1. I didn't think of that.... it would mean I could cram more colours in my suitcase!

  2. That pink is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I am also a massive models own fan and like you own most of them, but i like the novelty of these so may have to treat myself :)) great post! XxxX

  3. Super pretty colour!


  4. Oooo this polish looks soooo fun and girlie! Loving it! Actually makes me want to bring out my inner barbie! ha. xxo


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