28 May 2013

nakd raw fruit and nut bars

Have you ever tried anything from *nakd before?  I was recently sent a selection of their natural goodies to try out.  The protein bars are all made from raw fruit and nuts mashed together without any nasties - they're 100% natural so certainly good for anyone trying to do the 'eat clean' thing.

The texture of the bars is a bit unusual at first, and I also found it crazy to think that there's only fruit and nuts in what I was eating.  I didn't like all of the bars I tried - cocoa orange and banana bread were my favourites - my boyfriend liked berry delight and apple pie.  He also loved the cherry flavour raisins - they're seriously infused with flavour!

My supply of these is nearly gone as I had them in a bowl in my living room and every time someone comes round another dissappears!  My friend came round the other day to get me to help her to look at laser hair removal costs, she's always struggled with keeping the fuzzies away and has finally decided to go for it and get it professionally done.  She scoffed all of the crazy cola raisins while she was here - she loved them so we had to have a look and see which supermarket sells them so she could stock up - luckily they sell them on Ocado.  You can also get all of the products direct from naturalbalancefoods.co.uk



  1. These look sooo nice! Especially the cocoa orange one :)


  2. These look lovely! Great to think their so healthy aswell :) x


  3. I love Nakd bars ~ they are a staple snack for me! x

  4. Definitely need to try some of these, I'm trying to eat healthy but always end up snacking. I know I've seen them in Tesco before if that helps anyone wanting to buy some :) XO


  5. Yes, i've tried them. Did not like them as much as Luna Bars. However, they are probably much healthier than candy bars.

  6. Never heard of them. The only bars I've liked so far have been kind bars. I wonder about these!

    -Trina ♥
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  7. We don't have them over here, but I've spotted them on the internet a few times and today on your blog :D Great post!

    X Valérie

  8. I love Nakd bars - I definitely need to try the cola raisins! x

  9. oh my god I LIVE on nakd stuff :) *happy vegan face* lol

    Holly xoxo

  10. I bought the banana bread & apple pie bars from Tesco and really enjoyed them, so much that I've ordered a sample box to try the other flavours. Annoyingly I've had an email to say its been returned to the depot :(

    I'm not a huge fan of raisins so would probably give those a miss. x

  11. I haven't tried them but they look lush!!



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