1 Jun 2013

Getting a tan like Cheryl with L'Oreal sublime bronze

Okay so let's face it, who doesn't want to look like Cheryl Cole?  Nobody.  If I can get me some Cheryl in a can I'm all over it, so I was giddy with excitement to see and hear exactly how L'Oreal get Cheryl tanned to gorgeous perfection.  

The new *Express Pro self-tanning dry mist from Sublime Bronze is the exact tan Cheryl's been using - it's touted as a 'dark tan' so I have to be honest and say I was a bit scared to use it.  I'm not the palest of people, but I was worried that the tan might look ridiculously dark on me, so I kept dithering about when to try it and considering where I'd have to be the next day and what would happen if I had to go there looking oompa-loompa-ish.  I should have just manned up because since I've tried it, I love it, and it's really not that dark at all - I was almost disappointed at how dark I wasn't once this developed.  I think the key fact I missed is that you can layer this up, so to get a darker tan I just needed to spray on another layer or two, which I'll try next time.  

The tan I ended up with by using my one layer (what a tanning noob I am) was golden, even and lovely and I did not smell like biscuits - hurrah!  I've always tended to opt for mousse tanning products on the odd occasion that I can be bothered to tan, so I was rather unsure of this spray on product with it's gigantic spray nozzle, but I really needn't have been.  When you spray this the funny nozzle thing widens and spreads the spray so you literally cover a massive area of your skin with each squirt, and I assume that's how the tan turns out so even.  I followed the instructions and held the can a good 30cm away from me whilst spraying and kept it moving around as I did so.  The can sprays upside-down and back-to-front so I needed no assistance bronzing my back, which is an obvious bonus.  

So what can I say?  I was wrong and I am converted - in terms of a dry-mist spray on tan this has to be the best I've ever tried and the spray splaying nozzle (not a real technical term) is where it's at.  Other plusses are how quickly this tan dries and the fact that it didn't leave my bathroom an orange mess.  I have quite a large walk-in shower so I sprayed myself in there and then ran the water to wash off any tan I might have got on the tiles or the floor.

The version of the same product but for the face - *Express Pro facial self-tanning dry mist - gets an equal rave from me.  It's pretty much the same product to me and works in exactly the same way, but on a smaller scale for your face.  Because you're working on a smaller area you don't get the special nozzle with this one - it's just a regular spray - and again I made sure to hold it at least 30cm away.  For the face I wiped around my hairline and brows with a cotton pad to make sure I didn't get any tell-tale orange marks and this worked perfectly.

So here I am with the tan on - don't be scared I am wearing clothes, my hair just happens to be hiding my top.  I looked browner than this in real life - my camera was really washing me out.  But hopefully you get the general idea and can see for yourself that I'm neither streaky nor orange - win!

Errm so I thought I'd also include a picture of my tanned legs for reference... okay you got me that's not me - worth a try though.  This is the lovely Cheryl-lookie-likie model who demonstrated how the tan looks loaded up on the legs.  I think this is where I forgot to listen about the layering and worried my tan would be this dark from the get-go.  I think there were a good few layers being worn here, plus the addition of the Sublime Bronze nourishing body oil which gives a lovely sheeny effect to those already perfect legs.  

I've been using the *nourishing body oil too - it didn't give me legs like Cheryl or her tanned twin, but it did help to keep my skin hydrated which is important as tanning can be quite drying.  I always find there are certain areas on my body where the tan will fade first - particularly my chest - so using this to keep the skin moisturised really helps.  

The new Sublime bronze range also includes a range of prepping products to get your skin ready for tanning, and other formulations of the tan such as a mousse - check them all out here.

Are you faking it this summer?



  1. I have to admit it, I've never actually faked a tan in summer! I'm very pale and it's always awkward when we're going on vacation and I'm super white when we go swimming.. We didn't have spring over here - it's still cold for this time of the year - so which probably means that I'm even PALER than the years before. I think I might try and fake it but I hope it will be kind of a natural tan instead of a yellow-orange :/ Great post!

    X Valérie

  2. Hearing that it doesn't go all over the bathroom is definitely a plus! Its what always puts me off buying spray fake tan. I'm super pale and thinking a layer of fake tan may be needed this summer!

    I was just wondering what it was like when it came off, like does it come off a bit patchy or fade evenly?

    Zoe | Adularescent


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