24 Jun 2013

Injecting volume into flat hair with Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray and hairdresser's invisible oil

Recently I got the opportunity to discuss my hairstyling woes with some bumble and bumble experts, so naturally I kicked off with a whinge about my hair being pretty flat and lifeless.  I've got naturally straight hair that's quite heavy, so it lies flat and straight, and it can be a bit fluffy and frizzy if left to its own devices.  I was recommended to try Bumble's thickening hairspray to help me add some ommph when I'm blowdrying, and hairdresser's invisible oil to keep things smooth and sleek.  

I tweeted one of Bumble's expert stylists - @mark_coates_ - for some tips, and then set about having a play with the products.  To get a volumised and bouncy look to my otherwise completely flat hair, I've been starting off by spraying the *thickening hairspray onto damp hair at the roots and also a bit through the lengths.  I section off the top layer of my hair and dry the underneath, adding a few drops of *Hairdresser's invisible oil by warming it in my palms running through the lengths - it's powerful stuff so I literally need just a few drops for all of my hair.  It adds sleekness without weighing the hair down or adding any greasiness.   

Next I get to work on the top layers with a round brush, directing the hair up and away from my head to get lift at the roots.  I also concentrate on giving shape at the front of my hair to my grown-out fringe.  

Once I've finished drying and styling I go back in with a bit more thickening hairspray for a bit of scrunching with my hands to add even more lift and bounce around the front and crown.  This gives quite a lot of volume and texture, but can also make my hair look a little too mussed up for my liking, so that's when I add a teeny bit more hairresser's oil.  Just one pump is plenty to go over lightly with my fingers on any bits of hair that are too fly-away or wild - I don't go near the roots or the front as I don't want to counterract any of the volume I've created.  

So what do you think?  It might not look all that bouncy to you at all, but trust me, this is a lot of volume for my hair!  I particularly like the thickening hairspray and I think it works really well on my hair type.  It's completely different from most hairsprays which would just add hold with a side of sticky stiffness.  I've also got a mini bottle, which is great for taking with me in my handbag for touch-ups if I want to do a bit more scrunching to recharge the poofiness.

Do you have naturally bouncy locks or do you have to work at adding ommph to your hair too?



  1. Your hair looks amazing! xx


  2. I love these products and your hair looks gorgeous, I'm also about to read your Moroccan oil post, I have this product but I've never really known exactly how to use it.
    Anyways, GREAT blog!
    I just found it on bloglovin and I can't stop reading it :)
    If you like I'd be honored if you could check out (and maybe follow) La Dolce Moda


  3. I've been umming and ahhing about whether to get the thickening shampoo and conditioner from Bumble and Bumble for a while - and I've just this second noticed you've done a post on it which I will read after this.

    But the thickening hair spray makes your hair look so volumey and glossy maybe that's a better idea, along with something from the Surf Range.

    In conclusion, thanks for the post, it's been a great help!

    Sherry x


    1. Personally I notice more results with the hairspray than the shampoo. Surf spray could be good for you too - I don't think I get the full effect because my hair's naturally so straight, it's probably more effective if you have at least a little natural wave.


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