10 Jun 2013

KIKO self tan spray and day by day lotion review

I've been doing a fair bit of self-tanning lately, which is quite unlike me.  I'm usually a bit too lazy to bother, but having got the taste for a tan I really like having that glow about me.  Also, I've died my hair a lot darker recently, and I know that doesn't suit me so much if I'm too pale, so that's motivated me to get my tan on too.  

The tan I've been trying lately is from KIKO.  The *self tanning spray - light is perfect for the whole body and the *day by day lotion is for face of body, but I've found I like that one just for my face.  Since I've started trying a few tans in a can I've realised just how easy they are to apply, and really quick too.  The KIKO spray goes on in a fine even layer and it dries quite quickly too.  It goes on clear, so you do have to pay attention to where you've sprayed it, but I've not had any mishaps or white patches so far!

For my face I've been applying the lotion on a cotton pad every other day or so.  It's quite a subtle tan, plus you wash your face a lot so tan doesn't last as long, so I've found every other day is about right to give me the amount of glow I want.  

Each time I review a tan product I find it really difficult to get good photos of how it looks on my skin.  I think cameras and lighting always wash me out a bit, so it's hard to show just how bronze I might have been looking in real life.  To get around this I've tried taking a photo of the same part of my arm in the same location and with the same lighting, before and after two layers of the KIKO spray - I still think I looked browner in real life though!  

KIKO self tanning spray - light is a fairly subtle and buildable tan, so good for even pale skins.  My skin tans easily, so I could get away with the darker version that they do, but this is good for me when I don't want a dramatic tan and want people to notice I look well, but without specifically being able to spot the reason why - sneaky :) 

KIKO's self tanning sprays cost and the day by day lotion are currently on a 30% off offer and cost £8.30 each.  You can see the full range here - kikocosmetics.co.uk

Do you fake tan?



  1. I need a good gradual tan as i find that because im so pale its so in your face and not very subtle on me.

    Carrieanne x


  2. Great review, thanks for sharing this product.

  3. I love using fake tan, I might try out this one!!


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