16 Jun 2013

Little updates

Oooh snoopy catch up time again.  I've been so busy lately with some changes at work that I've not been able to blog daily as I like to, but I always find time for a bit of instagram action (I'm fluttersparkle on Instagram).


1 - my new favourite Neom candle - I reviewed this one here
2 - My mini Sleek haul - I'll be reviewing these soon
3 - Escentual.com have 1/3 off French skincare, so I picked up lots of Laroche Posay goodies
4 - hanging out with shady ladies Jayne and Aisling


1 - gorgeous new palette from Smashbox - I have swatches coming up this week
2 - amazing studded Zara flats on Mary from Smashbox
3 - these are the glosses from the same collection 
4 - my new favourite night-time treat - Jurlique's antioxidant face oil


1 - my continued love for Barry M gellys and the Rose Quartz glitter 
2 - OPI when monkeys fly 
3 - Gigantic Seche Vite refill - this can fill 8 regular size bottles 
4 - hauling Essie's for £3.50 each - I blogged about this here


1 - I dyed my hair a pretty plum colour using this hair colour
2 - matching fingers and toes in pale nude - this is a Jack Wills polish which was discontinued :(
3 - Trying to dress for summer in the office 
4 - I liked my new Ribena hair so I dyed it again as soon as it started to fade


1 - I met my boyfriend's parents' cute new dog Barney 
2 - Posing in my Urban Outfitters sunnies 
3 - I entered a charity bake-off at work with this swirly pink butterfly cake 
4 - it even had a butterfly on the inside when it was sliced!  I'll be doing a post on how I made this cake soon.


1 - Slimming World friendly burger and fries 
2 - lovely new Slimming World cook books
3 - Baked some rainbow cookies for work
4 - and a slightly wonky but very glittery cake


1 - had to try one of the new smoothies from McDonalds
2 - made another cake with my new found swirly technique
3 - amazing teddy bear cake my brother's girlfriend had made for her Mum's birthday
4 - pretty new collar necklace I picked up in New Look


1 - cooked up a Slimming World friendly lasagna feast (minus the garlic bread)
2 - making the most of the sunshine and firing up our new barbecue
3 - the rose bush outside my front door just went crazy one day and was in full bloom when I got home
4 - enjoying the odd sunny evening in the garden after work

Other than that I've been going a little bit online shopping crazy.  Since we had a couple of days of summer I realised I needed some new clothes and shoes for hotter weather, so I've done a little bit of hauling and typical, since then it's been quite grey and rainy!  At least I'll be prepared when it gets warm again and I'll show you what I hauled soon.  

Have a lovely week xx



  1. Only recently started reading along, love the new hair colour on you. I've always wanted to go purple, it's the only colour I haven't been, but you look fantastic.

    And I'm looking forward to the reviews from your Sleek haul!

    Sherry x

  2. those studded flats are the shoe of my dreams!

  3. Jeeeesus christ that cake is incredible I'd love to know how you got the butterfly shape in it! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool

  4. All your pics are gorgeous and now I'm hungry for cake!

  5. I had one of the McDonalds smoothies with my naughty sausage and egg mcmuffin yesterday and was pleastantly surprised how nice it was.

    Victoria x
    Florence and Mary

  6. I love your photos and those cakes look delicious!!

  7. I love the juxtaposition of Slimming World and cake in this post. It's postmodern with a twist of nostalgia.

  8. I love your new hair and wow, that necklace is so pretty.
    Those cakes had me drooling, I love the butterfly in the middle! x


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