26 Jun 2013

neom real luxury body oil review

The first NEOM candle I ever had the pleasure of trying was in the Real Luxury fragrance - it's a gorgeous deep floral scent with lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood.  I also had the bath oil in the same scent which was amazing and filled my house with fragrance when I took a bath.  Trying a body oil from NEOM in the same fragrance was a bit of a no brainer - I knew I was going to love it.  

NEOM body oils are all about luxury, so the *Real Luxury body oil is rather aptly named.  Taking time to massage this oil into wet skin after a bath, or into dry skin at any time, is an absolute pampering treat.  I can be a bit lazy with moisturising, but using this body oil is an experience not to be missed.

Although this oil gives a super nourishing boost to the skin, I was surprised that it's really not that heavy feeling.  It absorbs quickly and leaves a light sheen on the skin as well as the beautiful sweet fragrance.  I don't really suffer with dry skin at all, but my legs can get a little scaly from defuzzing, so I particularly notice the benefits of slathering this on to moisturise and soften them.

NEOM real luxury body oil costs £30 for 100ml from neomorganics.com - you can also get the body oil in complete bliss and tranquillity fragrances.  


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  1. I like the look of this. I haven't used a body oil before, do you know if it comes in a smaller size?


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