27 Jun 2013

Organic Surge eye gel review

I'm a little bit eye product obsessed these days and tend to have several products on the go at once.  I'm devoted to preventing crows feet before they take hold, so I never skip eye products.  

A rich eye cream can cause my eye makeup to slip and slide over the course of the day, so I tend to keep the heavy products for night-time and am more likely to reach for a lighter or gel eye product in the mornings like this *Organic Surge eye gel.  This one's nice and cool on the skin and reduces any puffiness - it contains green tea and eyebright extract and also it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes.  

I'd usually opt for a much more expensive eye product purely because you tend to assume the more you pay the better the product, but, for £8.49 this eye gel is really good value for something so soothing and hydrating.  You can pick this up from organicsurge.com 

Are you devoted to eye creams too?



  1. Would love to try this! How good is their sale too!
    Laura from Twinkle Style & Travel Magazine and A Life With Frills

    1. So many sales at the moment, I can't stop shopping!

  2. This product looks great, the skin around my eyes is always dry :(


    1. That must be really uncomfortable hun - something really hydrating like this should help x

  3. Ooh I really need to get myself an eye gel and this looks like a good one! :)


  4. I've been using a boots eye gel, but am running low - this is being added to the 'to try' list now! Xo


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