25 Jun 2013

Smashbox heat wave palette review and swatches

Oooh I do love an eyeshadow palette.  I can;t really be bothered with single eyeshadows very often - I much prefer a nice edited collection of colours that I can reach for without even needing to consider which colours work well together, as that's all figured out for me.

*Smashbox's new heat wave palette is a real beauty.  I know I'm a sucker for a palette but this one really is swoon-worthy.

Isn't it gorgeous?  The palette has a beautiful array of soft colours for summer in both matte and shimmer finishes.  It takes me right through my comfort-zone nude and neutral favourites to some slightly more adventurous bold and smoky colours.  It's a great palette for both day and night and perfect for taking away on holiday - it comes with a double-ended brush too.

My favourite colours in the palette are of course the neutrals - I can't help that - but swatched the deeper colours are really soft and wearable too.  All of the colours in the palette are designed to be used both wet and dry, so when you use them dry they're not as intense as they would be if you dipped your brush in a little water first.  I'd probably only use the colours dry, as I don't think I suit really bold eye looks, but I could see how I could turn some of the darker colours into a smoky liner by using them wet with a thin brush, and I think that would look really nice.

Above are all of the colours from the top row of the palette.  I particularly love the pale peachy-nude on the far left and also the more coral peach second from the right.

In the second row the warm pink neutral shade first on the left is one of my favourites in the whole palette, and I know the taupe on the far right will get a whole lot of use as a crease colour.  

The smashbox heat wave collection also includes a set of four lipglosses in some lovely summer colours - I didn't manage to get swatches of these but if you want to see what they're like on, take a look at Sascha's post here - beautygeekuk.com.  

You can check out the smashbox heat wave collection at Boots - the palette costs £36 and the lipglosses are  £22.50.



  1. This palette looks great! Reminds me of UD naked palette.

  2. Fabulous post; I absolutely love that palette and I'm currently trying to justify buying it...I actually really like the purple/taupe shades as I think they're so unusual. Thanks for the shout-out :) xx

    1. No worries - I thought your lip swatches were great x

  3. The palette is sooo pretty especially the top colours! An i love the packaging!

  4. Such a lovely Palette love the colours of the lipglosses

    Carrieanne x


  5. Oooh love this! Gorgeous colours! :) xx


  6. Some lovely wearable shades in there although the yellow tone on the top row looks a bit scary for me! I've never tried anything from Smashbox before but some of their products look stunning - including these!


    1. Me too - I always think gold tones don't go so well with my brown eyes.

  7. This palette looks lovely, I really like the golden shades in the top row! :)

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  8. oh wow, these look great. I love Smashbox eye shadow, they're excellent quality x

  9. I've had my eye on that palette for such a long time! It's so pretty from the packaging to the colors inside. I might need to just splurge and get this :).


  10. What a beautiful collection! All really pretty yet wearable colours :) x.

  11. The lipglosses are so pretty. I really want to try some stuff from smashbox now.

    Kah-Feh Yen


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